Contract Release Appeal

Residence Hall Contracts are legally binding and valid for one academic year. Spring applicant contracts are valid for one academic semester. Apartment Contracts are legally binding and valid for 12-months (date specific to term begin and end). 

Residence Hall / Apartment Contract

When you complete an application/contract, you are agreeing to a legally binding contract. All registered students are responsible for the term of their contract/lease and any associated financial charges. Specific terms of the contract may be reviewed by accessing your Residence account.

Complete the Request for Contract Release Form HERE once you have reviewed the information below. 

Request for a Contract Release

Residential students (current and incoming) may submit a contract release request and provide written documentation of exceptional circumstances including withdrawal from the university, called to active military duty, graduation, academic study abroad, academic internship, university dismissal, approved medical condition or change in marital/parental status. Requests MUST be submitted by the residential contract holder (student) and will not be accepted from an unapproved designee. The request form must be completed in full and supporting documentation must be electronically uploaded in the form. All materials must be submitted together in order to be considered by the Contract Review Committee.

Eligible Reasons for Contract Release

Withdrawal from University of North Alabama: Residential Contract Holder must provide written notification to Housing & Residence Life once officially withdrawn from the University. The withdrawal will then be verified and documented by HRL professional staff. If you re-enroll in the University during the original contract period after being released from the contract, you will be liable for all charges under the contract accrued throughout the contract period.  

Military Duty: Residential Contract Holder must submit an official "Call To Duty" Notification to Housing & Residence Life. 

University Dismissal: Any Residential Contract Holder that is not permitted to continue in housing due to a University Dismissal and/or Conduct Sanction will be released from their Residence Hall Contract with no refund in room charges/rent. 

Graduation: Residential Contract Holders will be released from the Residence Hall Contract if graduating from the University prior to the end of the contract period. 

Academic Study Abroad: Residential Contract Holders accepted in an official study abroad program will be eligible for release from the Residence Hall Contract. An official letter/email indicating acceptance into the Study Abroad Program must be submitted. Anyone requesting to return for the upcoming semester must complete a residence hall/apartment application. 

Academic Internship: Residential Contract Holders accepted in an academic internship program requiring relocation will be eligible for release from the residence hall/apartment contract. An official letter/email indicating acceptance into the internship program must be submitted. Anyone requesting to return for the upcoming semester must complete a residence hall/apartment application. 

Medical Hardship: Residential Contract Holders will be approved for release if a medical condition is present which cannot be accommodated in campus housing. In addition to the Contract Release Request, the Special Accommodations Medical Provider Request Form must be completed and clearly indicate the need for release. Extremely unique and/or sensitive medical issues may be reviewed by pertinent university staff including, but not limited to, Health Services and/or Disability Support Services. 

Change in Marital and/or Parental Status: Residential Contract Holders will be approved for release if marital/parental status changes within the contract period. A marriage license and/or birth certificate must be submitted as official documentation. 

Please note that the entering a contract/lease at any non-university owned or managed property is not grounds for contract cancellation. You are advised against entering any contract/lease if you have submitted an application/contract for the current academic year as it will not void your contract or financial obligation. 

Non-Eligible Reasons for Contract/Lease Release

Contract Releases will not be approved for the following reasons: financial hardship, desire to commute from home, incompatibility with your roommate(s)/suitemate(s), lack of understanding of the Terms and Conditions of the residence hall/apartment contract, or involvement in an off-campus lease. 
Each student has a basic responsibility for arranging adequate financial support prior to signing a contract and will not be released solely upon financial circumstances. 


A Request for Contract Release Form must be accompanied by supporting documentation in order to be reviewed by the Contract Review Committee. It is not the responsibility of Housing & Residence Life Staff or the Contract Review Committee to gather this information on the student's behalf. Incomplete or missing documentation will result in the Request for Contract Release being denied or delayed until the appropriate documentation is supplied. Please submit the Contract Release Request Form and upload any supporting documentation for consideration. A request for contract release will not be granted retroactively due to a delay in providing the appropriate documentation.

Contract Release Review & Decision Timeline

Decisions are based on the documentation provided along with the request for release form. The Contract Review Committee meets each Tuesday when the university is in session. The outcome (approval or denial) of each case is delivered to the student via UNA email within 3-5 business days of the Committee Review. 

For an approval of contract release, the student will be given a time frame in which to officially check out of the residence hall or apartment based on the nature of the initial request. Failure to check out within this time frame may negate the contract/lease release. For a denial of contract release, this decision may be appealed, provided there is NEW information that was not originally submitted. An appeal letter with the new documentation must be submitted within three business days after the denial is disseminated by Housing & Residence Life. It is then submitted to the Director of Housing & Residence Life or their designee for review. 

Sorority Contract Release Requests

If you are a sorority member living on a sorority floor in either Appleby East or West, you must also provide a written release from your Sorority Advisor. This does not guarantee that you will be released from your contract, but indicates that you are released from your responsibility to sorority residential requirements.


Housing & Residence Life adheres to the university refund schedule as outlined HERE. If your contract release is approved within the first four weeks of the academic term, it will be prorated according to the designated percentage. Prorated refunds will not be issued beyond the fourth week of the academic term. If a contract release is approved after the fourth week of the fall semester, it will result in a full cancellation of spring housing fees. Residents assume financial responsibility for the occupancy of any housing assignment until the check-out process is officially completed.