University Center Policies

The Guillot University Center (GUC) is scheduled through the Department of University Center Operations and Events Management.  A minimum of 48 business hours notice is required for booking space.  Campus Reservation Forms can be accessed on the University Center Operations and Events Management web page

Building hours are 7:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 7:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. Friday and 5:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. on Sunday.  Campus events (colleges, departments, and recognized student organizations) that are scheduled during these hours incur no charges for setup, technical support and staffing.  However, events held outside or beyond these hours will be charged after-hours fees.  Campus departments and organizations are discouraged from co-sponsoring activities with outside groups just to waive charges.

Reservation forms for large events should be completed and turned in at least four weeks in advance of the date of the event. Do not assume that arrangements will be made for items not requested. Every physical detail needed for a successful event must be listed on the request form. Attach additional sheets to clarify requests for setups and other details. Clear instructions for the requested room setup must be provided in precise written form or on a room diagram.

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Future requests for reservation of University Center facilities may be denied and other sanctions may be incurred by the requesting organization if it: fails to pay for damage incurred in the facility during the terms of occupancy; fails to reimburse the University Center for stipulated and required service; misrepresents information requested; or if its members or guests fail to observe the rules and regulations of the Student Center, the University, or the State of Alabama.

Outside groups may rent space in the GUC for banquets, ceremonies, and various events if space is available.  A deposit and a completed reservation form are required to book space.  Proms and social club parties are not permitted.  No events shall be scheduled during a time when the University is closed for holidays. 

All events using food service must go through the contracted provider, Chartwells. Chartwells has exclusive catering rights to the University Center. Chartwells may, at its sole discretion, provide written permission to an organization to bring their own food and/or beverages provided it is not catered by a third party. Organizations are responsible for cleaning any trash created by their food; failure to do so may result in additional cleaning charges.

Displaying and decorating in the GUC must be approved by the University Center Operations and Events Management staff.  Flyers are to be placed on public bulletin boards only.  Nothing is to be taped to windows, doors and painted surfaces.  Push pins are not to be used in the walls.  Glitter and open flame candles are not to be used in the building at any time.

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In compliance with the Americans Disability Act service animals are allowed to be in the GUC.  However, other pets and animals are not allowed inside unless special circumstances exist and permission is granted.

University Police must be used for security at any large, late-night event held in the University Center.  For private parties a guest list must be provided in advance of the event. One officer, per 100 people, will be required and the fee for their services will be set at their overtime rate with a minimum of 4 hours per officer. These charges should be paid in advance to the University Police Department.

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University Center Operations and Events Management reserves the right to terminate a reservation even if the activity is in progress.

What determines terminations of events:

  • Property or furnishings are being damaged as a result of the activity
  • The activity is endangering the health or safety of patrons, interfering with the processes of the University, or infringing on the rights of others
  • The information given on this form changes substantially without the express approval of the University Center staff.

University Center Operations and Events Management reserves the right to move the location of any scheduled event for prudent reasons, including but not limited to safety, user priority, and appropriateness of space.  The contact person for the event will be notified. 

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