University Center Policies

The Guillot University Center (GUC) is scheduled through the Department of University Center Operations and Events Management.  A minimum of 48 business hours notice is required for booking space.  Campus Reservation Forms can be accessed on the University Center Operations and Events Management web page

Building hours are 7:30 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 7:30 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. Friday, 11:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Saturday, and 5:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. on Sunday.  Campus events (colleges, departments, and recognized student organizations) that are scheduled during these hours incur no charges for setup, technical support and staffing.  However, events held outside or beyond these hours will be charged after-hours fees.  Campus departments and organizations are not permitted from co-sponsoring/fronting activities with outside groups just to have the charges waived for those groups.

In compliance with the Americans Disability Act service animals are allowed to be in the GUC.  However, other pets and animals are not allowed inside unless special circumstances exist and permission is granted.


University Center Operations and Events Management reserves the right to move the location of any scheduled event for prudent reasons, including but not limited to safety, user priority, and appropriateness of space.  The contact person for the event will be notified. 


University of North Alabama Return to the GUC Guidelines

The University of North Alabama strives to provide a safe environment for students, faculty, staff and guests. During the extended break due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the University of North Alabama, in agreement with best practices from the CDC, the UNA COVID-19 Recovery Guidance Plan and the Association of College Unions International (ACUI), has implemented these guidelines for the GUC to assist in keeping students, staff, faculty and visitors safe upon returning to campus. Please note that these guidelines will supercede normal operating guidelines while the COVID-19 Pandemic is active. Please note that cloth face coverings are required to be worn within the GUC at all times unless you are actively eating in the Atrium.

Event Guidelines

The following guidelines shall apply to any activity or event that is held within the GUC or spaces managed by the GUC Operations and Event Management office during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Department: A recognized University department, office or division housed within the University of North Alabama.

Registered Student Organization (RSO): Officially registered student organizations in good standing with the office of Student Engagement.

Unrecognized Student Organization: Groups that fail to register with the Student Engagement Center or that have lost recognition from the university do not receive advice, support, or oversight from the university.  Unrecognized Student Organizations will not have the ability to reserve space as an RSO would, but would rather be considered an outside group.

Outside Group:     Civic group, unrecognized student organization, business, church/religious organizations or individuals that do not have a direct tie to the University in an official capacity (i.e. Recognized by the University as an official member of the university community.

Cloth Face Coverings:   Per the CDC, cloth face coverings may help prevent people who have COVID-19 from spreading the virus to others. Wearing a cloth face covering will help protect people around you, including those at higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19 and workers who frequently come into close contact with other people (e.g., in stores and restaurants). Cloth face coverings are most likely to reduce the spread of COVID-19 when they are widely used by people in public settings. 

Operations Guidelines

  1. Free standing hand sanitizing stations will be available at all entrances to the building and to each room.  We encourage you to use the sanitizer when entering or leaving a room or the building. 
  2. Based on CDC guidelines, the definition of Physical Distancing regarding COVID-19 is a minimum physical distance of six feet in all directions. Cloth face coverings are required at all times when in public areas or shared spaces within buildings.
  3. Entrances and Exists will be clearly marked with traffic flow directional signs as well as separated by stanchions. 
  4. Meetings should be virtual, if possible. 
  5. Signage will be present for entry and exit points in the building, flow of stair wells. 
  6. All visitors/staff/students/faculty will be encouraged to use the stairwells if physically able. Elevators will be limited to one family group at a time on the elevator. Appropriate signage will be placed outside elevators.  
  7. Distancing reminder visuals will be present throughout the building. 
  8. Room setups will fall below 50% of capacity utilizing the 6ft distancing recommendation based on setup needs. 
  9. Drinking fountains will be offline.  The use of the bottle filler fountains will still be permitted. 

Room Capacities and Use

Rooms and Spaces within the GUC will have limited capacities based on the COVID-19 Recovery Guidance Plan and Best Practices offered by the Association of College Unions International (ACUI).  Events will be limited to the capacity established based on the setup requirements.  

 Reservations will be made based on the following priority during the Coving-19 pandemic:

  1. Classroom space needs.
  2. RSO space needs
  3. UNA Department needs
  4. Outside Group needs (when allowed based on the UNA Guidelines)

 Whenever possible, a designated entrance and separate exit will be clearly marked and used. 

 To help facilitate the cleaning/sanitizing and resetting of the rooms, a one-hour block between events will be established. 

Capacities based on 6’ physical distancing and face coverings worn

UE Conference Room – 3

Faculty Staff Commons – 7

Room 200 - 17 auditorium style

                  24 at round tables

                  14 boardroom style

                  12 U-shape style

Loft/Room 208 – 20 auditorium style

                         24 at rounds tables

                         14 boardroom style

                         12 U-shape style

Performance Center – 32 seats auditorium style 

                                24 seats at 6 banquet round tables

Banquet Halls –    60 chairs auditorium style

                           104 banquet rounds (26 rounds of 4, with podium, screen)

                           15 vendors Exhibit Hall – (eight 8fts with 1 chair and seven 12fts with 2)

Atrium Vendor Area – 3 Tables per day (6ft tables with one chair per table, face coverings to be worn by person working the table and visitors alike.  No common “grab bowls” are permitted (ie. Candy bowls). Cash sales are highly discouraged.

Capacities based on 3’ physical distancing, all seats facing the same direction, face coverings worn, and groups coming from the same family cluster

Room 200 - 31 seats auditorium style single seats

 Loft - 35 seats auditorium style single seats 

 Performance Center- 52 seats auditorium style single seats

                                128 Seats auditorium style in 4 seat family clusters 

Banquet Hall - 132 seats auditorium style single seats[JTW2] 

Event Management

  1. Furniture is not to be added or moved to any setup.
  2. The individual listed as the contact person on the registration request for the event will be responsible to ensure that guidelines are followed.  Failure to adhere to or enforce guidelines can result in an event being closed down and/or loss of reservation privileges for the future. 
  3. Organizations and departments wishing to book GUC managed spaces are to provide a health and safety plan for their event that is consistent with current guidelines. 
  4. Events and gatherings must follow the UNA guidelines outlined in the COVID-19 Recovery Guidance Plan.  Functions that cannot meet the guidelines should be hybridized or cancelled. 
  5. Event contact person shall not knowingly allow patrons or guests to congregate within six feet of a person from another household or social bubble.
  6. If a 4-seat family cluster setup is utilized in the setup, seats shall not be removed or added to the cluster.
  7. GUC Operations and Event Management has final approval of events of the GUC.

Food Services

  1. Food Court vendors will have clearly marked floor stickers and stanchions guiding guests to the appropriate dining option. 
  2. The Atrium seating has been redesigned to maximize seating for the safety of our patrons. We ask that furniture not be moved.  
  3. Any food served at events needs to be ordered through UNA Dining.  Options for serving will be cafeteria style serving, boxed or plated service.  Self-served buffets and/or self-service will not be permitted.

Outdoor Areas

  1. Staff will sanitize the Amphitheatre and GUC seating areas nightly
  2. Events hosted at any outdoor area will be expected to abide by 6’ physical distancing.
  3. Maximum seating is four at any of the outdoor tables

Game Room

  1. Furniture is not to be moved.
  2. Food and drink will not be allowed in the Game Room.
  3. Capacity of the Game Room will be limited to 20 people at a time. 
  4. Video Game stations will be situated to have a 6’ distance at the seating.  Some systems will be able to accommodate more than two people, some will not.  These will be marked with the maximum number of gamers and guests permitted per time. 
  5. Cleaning of the Game Room will take place frequently, no less than twice a day, with the focus on high touch areas.  A thorough cleaning will be completed during the third shift from the UNA Environmental Services staff.
  6. Cleaning should include door knobs, all seating, railings and stationary surfaces.
  7. All equipment that is checked out will be cleaned by the Game Room Staff with an appropriate Disinfectant Wipe upon checking it back in.  
  8. Cleaning supplies will include a long acting viricidal such as Halt, Genesis and Clorox sprays and wipes. 
  9. Students will be asked to tap the card reader themselves with their MANE Card.
  10. Game Room Staff will be required to wear cloth face coverings while working.
  11. Guests will be required to wear cloth face coverings while visiting the game room.
  12. Pool and Ping Pong will be limited to Singles only competition (1 vs. 1).

Event Management

  1. The Mailroom has created a video  to show how to open the mailboxes.
  2. A QR Code will be posted throughout the mailroom area for easy access to the video.
  3. Mailroom staff will not be able to physically show how to open a mailbox.
  4. Mailroom staff will not remove mail from boxes to hand to clients.
  5. Physical distancing stickers will be placed on the ground at the Mail Room window to help facilitate the queue.


The use of the facilities in the GUC is restricted to the following:

  1. Current Registered Student Organizations.
  2. Meetings hosted by schools, departments or divisions of the University.
  3. University Board of Trustees and Committees.
  4. Educational meetings sponsored by schools, departments or divisions of the University in conjunction with outside organizations.
  5. Non-University affiliated groups that contribute to the welfare of the University and local community and which are not operating for profit.
  1. Rooms can be tentatively scheduled through the University Center Operations and Event Management Office.  Reservation forms are available in GUC 107 and on the Department Webpage and should be returned to GUC 107.  Checking the University Events Calendar is helpful in selecting dates for major events and avoiding conflict with previously scheduled events.Unless you receive confirmation, do not consider your event as booked. Completion of a form does not constitute a booked event. Reservations are not confirmed until a Reservation Form has been completed and received by the University Center Operations and Event Management Office and a confirmation email is received by the requestor stating that the request has been processed and on the calendar.  Reservation requests for academic areas can be made after classes have been in session for two weeks of the current semester.
  2. Events may not be approved, or returned denied if:
    1. Forms are not complete or do not provide adequate information
    2. Reservation form submitted by a Student Organization has not been signed by an advisor.
    3. Technical equipment is requested without a Technical Rider or Stage Plot. Technical Riders should be submitted and approved in advance of scheduling those events. 
  3. If special lighting and/or technical support is requested which is above and beyond what the facility is normally equipped with, there may be extra charges or rental requirements.  Please contact the University Center Operations and Event Management Office for details.
  4. All technical support staff must be hired through the Department of University Center Operations and Event Management.  Groups may not provide their own technicians unless they are using all equipment provided by the group.  University Center Operations and Event Management Office will not mix University owned sound and lighting equipment with sound and lighting equipment brought in from the outside.  The cost for support staff is $10 per hour for student staff and $25 per hour for professional staff.
  5. Regular meeting rooms in the GUC must be scheduled at least 72 hours in advance of the event.  
  6. Reservations for the Performance Center and the Banquet Halls must be completed two weeks in advance of the event.  
  7. Reservation forms for large events should be completed and turned in at least four weeks in advance of the date of the event. Do not assume that arrangements will be made for items not requested. Every physical detail needed for a successful event must be listed on the request form. Attach additional sheets to clarify requests for setups and other details. Clear instructions for the requested room setup must be provided in precise written form or on a room diagram.
  8. Room assignments are based on the size of the group and the setup required. Requests may be adjusted to accommodate as many groups as possible.
  9. Any charges for use of the University Facilities will be indicated in the confirmation and are due in advance of the event. Quote sheets will be provided upon request. A refundable deposit may be required on some events. Please note that there will be additional charges (staff,AV technicians, custodial, UNA Police) for events held in the University Center while the building is not officially open (but the University is not closed) and staffing is available.
  10. After a room reservation has been confirmed, all arrangements, including payment, for food must be made directly to UNA Dining through the Director of Catering at 256-765-5237.
  11. Some events may require that uniformed UNA Police Officers be hired. All arrangements should be made directly with the UNA Police Department at 256-765-4357.  Any payments required by the UNA Police will be paid for by the group reserving/renting the space in the GUC directly to UNA Police. Parking request should be made through Transportation Services (256-765-4853)
  12. Outside groups may rent space in the GUC for banquets, ceremonies, and various other events if space is available.  A deposit and a completed reservation form are required to book space. Proms and non-UNA affiliated social club parties are not permitted.  Please refer to the Wedding Policy for exact details regarding Wedding and Reception rentals.  Rental fees are:
  • Amphitheatre $750 for Affiliated and $1250 for Non-Affiliated
  • Stone Lodge Upstairs $300
  • GUC Banquet Halls (entire hall) $1250
  • GUC Banquet Hall A $350
  • GUC Banquet Hall B $550
  • GUC Banquet Hall C $350
  • Performance Center $700
  • Loft $200
  • GUC Room 200 $150
  • GUC Atrium $400

Fees do not include labor charges – except for Weddings ($10 per hour for student staff and $25 per hour for professional Staff).  

Campus Police, Facilities (electricians & custodial services) and Food Services are add-ons depending on the event needs and payment should be made directly to the respective area.

  1. Registered Student Organizations, Campus Departments/Offices and outside Clients may be fined from $50.00 to $200.00 and/or lose reservation privileges for the following: 
    1. Habitually booking and canceling meetings/events.
    2. Improperly canceling or failing to cancel meetings/events.
    3. Failure to cancel major events (events requiring extensive setup, use of large facilities, and dining services) at least four weeks in advance.
    4. Failure to cancel meetings at least 48 hours in advance.
    5. If damage is incurred as a result of the event, (or glitter is used) organization must pay for damages.
    6. If additional requests are made just prior to or during the event, it may not be possible to honor last  minute requests. If late requests are honored, additional charges may be incurred.
    7. If unauthorized food (food not served under the UNA/Dining Services Contract in the University Center) is brought into the building and served at a meeting or event without prior permission from the proper authorities.
    8. Moving furniture of any kind within the GUC. If you need something move, please ask a staff member to help avoid damage or physical harm to you or a member of your group.
All events using food service must go through the contracted provider, Chartwells. Chartwells has exclusive catering rights to the University Center. Chartwells may, at its sole discretion, provide written permission to an organization to bring their own food and/or beverages provided it is not catered by a third party.  If written permission from Chartwells for outside food is not received by GUC Operations and Event Management at the time a space request is made, it will not be honored and Chartwells must cater the event.
Flyers are to be placed on public bulletin boards only.  Nothing is to be taped to windows, doors, elevators and painted surfaces.  Anything posted in unaproved areas will be removed and discarded.  Push pins are not to be used in the walls.

The Department University Center Operations and Event Management recognizes the importance and value of departments, and RSOs partnering in event planning.  For the purpose of space reservation and billing, only one entity may be listed as the event host.  This RSO or department representative will act as the planning liaison with the University Center Operations and Event Management staff and that organization will be responsible for any charges, if necessary, associated with the reservation.  This will help us streamline communication and ensure a successful event.

University of North Alabama Registered student organizations in good standing, individuals and departments may not serve as "fronts" for off-campus organizations in order for them to gain use of UNA reservable meeting/programming space, information tables, or the UNA name. Registered Student organizations cannot sponsor or schedule a non-university group or commercial vendor in order to give them free access to university space or name. Student organizations can only hold events in the name of UNA which they directly plan, fund, will attend and supervise.

The Market Place

The Market Place (GUC Atrium, Amphitheatre, Green Area around Amphitheatre, Front of Amphitheatre, and other areas approved ahead of time) is an opportunity for Registered Student Organizations, University Departments and Colleges and local venders to set up tables to sell goods and services.  Tables may be rented/reserved in the GUC Atrium on a daily basis.  An application and all appropriate fees (for vendors not affiliated with UNA) must be received in the University Center Operations and Event Management Office at least two business days prior to the first day the organization or vendor wishes to set up (see Application, Appendix A).  A standard Market Place set up is one 8’ table with three chairs or one 12’ table with four chairs. Should you need anything more or less than the standard setup, please make a detailed request at the time of your initial request.  If a cancellation needs to be made, the organization must provide one business days’ notice. Failure to provide notice of cancellation may result in loss of Market Place privileges.

A.Registered Student Organization (RSO)

RSOs in good standing with the Office of Student Engagement may reserve a table through the University Center Operations and Event Management Office for the dissemination of information, bake sales (defined as individually wrapped/packaged homemade products to include but not limited to muffins, cookies, brownies, cake, pie), etc. at no charge.

B.  Outside Individual Vendor

Outside Individual Vendors are those individual entities that are not affiliated with the University of North Alabama as either an RSO, Department, College or Division.  They may request a table by contacting the University Center Operations and Event Management Office in GUC 107.  Outside Individual Vendors will be charged a fee $50 per day with a maximum stay of five days per month. 

C. Outside Corporate Vendor

Outside Corporate Vendors are companies/organizations that are not affiliated with the University of North Alabama as either an RSO, Department, College or Division.  They may request a table by contacting the University Center Operations and Event Management Office in GUC 107.  Outside Corporate Vendors will be charged a fee $150 per day with a maximum stay of five days per month. 

D. General Guidelines for Vendors

University Center Operations and Event Management reserves the right to approve the type of merchandise or service offered for sale by Outside Vendors and to relocate or rearrange the display to eliminate interference with University related functions.

  1. Outside Vendors, at their sole expense are responsible for obtaining all necessary licenses and permits as well as paying sales tax to the appropriate authorities which may be due as a result of the Outside Vendor’s activities.
  2. Outside Vendors are responsible for obtaining visitor parking permits for their vehicles parked on campus.  Temporary visitor permits may be obtained from the Transportation Services office located on the 1stfloor of the GUC.
  3. All Outside Vendors and UNA affiliated groups are responsible for maintaining the site in an orderly and clean condition during the period of use.
  4. All Outside Vendors and UNA affiliated groups understand that University Center Operations and Event Management does not provide storage space for merchandise, literature and/or equipment without prior approval.  All Outside Vendors and UNA affiliated groups agree that UNA and University Center Operations and Event Management shall have no liability for any loss, including loss by theft.  All merchandise, signs, equipment, etc. must be removed from the site at the end of each day.
  5. All Outside Vendors and UNA affiliated groups agree to conduct their activities in a manner which does not disrupt the use of the facility by other patrons or facility users or in a manner which constitutes a nuisance. Upon notice from University Center Operations and Event Management staff that the Outside Vendor or UNA affiliated group’s conduct is objectionable, the University Center Operations and Event Management Office may immediately revoke and cancel all agreements, and in such event, the Outside Vendor or UNA affiliated group agrees to cease all activities and vacate the premises.
  6. At no time shall any vendor physically or verbally approach anyone for the purpose of solicitation to their table or for their products.
  7. External Sound Systems are not allowed within the Atrium or Vendor space.  Groups and Individuals are encouraged to utilize the RockBot system if they want to make music requests.

E.  Prohibited Products

Please note that the sale and/or promotion of some products is prohibited.  Prohibited products include, but are not limited to; credit cards, utilities, alcohol, drugs or any tobacco/vape products.  In addition, no goods or services are allowed to be offered if UNA has a contract for that good or service that prohibits vendors of the same type.  The University of North Alabama and the Department of University Center Operations and Event Management does not endorse or approve the misrepresentation of trademarks, copyrights, or advertising by Outside Vendors or UNA affiliated groups.  Any materials distributed should adhere to common sense guidelines of decency and appropriateness for our diverse population

  1. Events Held by Recognized UNA Student Organizations
    1. Any recognized student organization may organize and/or sponsor programs or other appropriate events that are partisan or nonpartisan in nature that are related to upcoming elections. These events may involve candidates themselves or persons speaking on behalf of candidates.
    2. The scheduling of events will follow normal established procedures set forth in the University’s Facility Use Guidelines (attached hereto), which begin with registering the date, time, and place with the Department of University Center Operations and Event Management. All University facilities- with the exception of the President’s Home and lawn, Flowers Hall, Coby Hall, Rogers Hall, Stevens Hall, and the Board Room of 601 Cramer Way - will be considered as available for use without charge, subject to specific approval by the Director of University Center Operations and Event Management who will determine that the proposed event does not conflict with another previously scheduled activity. Use of Norton Auditorium will be approved only when, in the opinion of the Norton Technical Director, there is convincing evidence that a facility of that size is needed. Events to be held outdoors will be approved only when they will present no interference with classes or other scheduled activities.              
  2. Events Held by Off-Campus Persons or Groups
    1. All candidates for federal and statewide offices and candidates for state legislative offices, or persons/groups on behalf of such candidates, may request and be granted use of University facilities in accordance with the Facility Use Guidelines, provided the candidate(s) personally will appear and speak at the proposed event.
  3. Informal Visits by Candidates
    1. Candidates and/or their representatives are invited and encouraged to visit informally on the University of North Alabama campus to meet and talk with faculty, staff, and students on a personal basis at any time or place other than in scheduled classes (unless specifically invited by the instructor) or in students’ rooms in the residence halls.
  4. Campaign Fundraising by Candidates
    1. Campaign fundraising by political candidates is prohibited in the University campus.

Decorations require reservations and approval a minimum of one week in advance from the Department of University Center Operations and Event Management in GUC Suite 107.  Organizations requesting to decorate must sign a form in agreement to the areas allowed to be decorated and the clean up at the conclusion of the event.

Once the request is approved, the organization is entitled to decorate campus following the guidelines listed below:


  • The Memorial Amphitheatre is a war memorial and should not have banners or other items tied to it.
  • Nothing should be tied or fixed to the bridge at anytime.  This includes banners, balloons and ribbons.
  • Placing stakes in the ground in any location on campus must be approved prior to placement.
  • Ribbons can be tied around the trunks of trees but in no other way attached as to harm the tree.
  • Balloons must be tied to weighted objects (bricks, sand bags, etc.) and not tied to railings, buildings or branches.
  • No balloons should be in the Lion Habitat Area.
  • Decorations may not obstruct entrances, exits or fire exits, keeping all exits and emergency lighting clear of any obstructions.
  • All decorations must be constructed of non-flammable materials.  No confetti, glitter, rice, oil lamps or open flames permitted.
  • It is the group’s responsibility to remove all decorations at the conclusion of their event.
  • Decorations must not in any way interfere with the educational mission of the university.

These guidelines are a work in progress.  Other requests not mentioned above can be addressed when submitted for approval.  Requests including Window Painting and Chalk Art should be submitted through the Office of Student Engagement in GUC Suite 163.

***Failure to abide by the above-mentioned guidelines will result in a loss of privileges and the organization will be charged the actual cost of damages and/or for the removal of materials.

The University of North Alabama welcomes your special event to our beautiful campus! Our campus offers an outdoor space as well as a few options for indoor spaces for both your wedding ceremony and reception, with onsite food and beverage dining/catering options provided by UNA Dining Services.  

Scheduling Space at UNA for Weddings:

There is one outside location available to host wedding ceremonies the University of North Alabama campus, the Memorial Amphitheatre. Indoor space includes the Guillot University Center Performance Center, Banquet Halls, and the Loft. All requests for weddings require the client to complete the Wedding Reservation Form. Weddings may be reserved a maximum of six (6) months in advance.

*Please Note: Reservations are made on a first come, first serve basis and will not be confirmed without the completed Wedding Reservation Form, a signed contract, and deposit.


UNA may be booked for weddings provided there are no conflicts with normal University programming. The University will be closed on all national and school holiday weekends.  In addition, weddings will not be available for reservation during the University events listed here:

  • Residence Hall Move in Weekend (Fall and Spring)
  • Orientation week/Welcome week (beginning of fall semester)
  • Homecoming weekend
  • Preview Day and MyUNA Days
  • Christmas recess (refer to calendar for annual dates)
  • Commencement weekends
  • Light the Fountain
  • Home Football games
  • Other dates based on the University calendar

Outdoor Wedding venues’ availability for wedding services will be during the following blocks of time:

Day of the Week

Times Available


12:00 PM – 4:00 PM

5:00 PM – 9:00 PM


1:00 PM – 5:00 PM

All ceremony related activities should be completed within the aforementioned timeframes. Additional hours may be purchased at the cost of $150 per hour for clients not affiliated with UNA and $100 per hour for UNA graduates, and current faculty or staff. This includes, but is not limited to, time needed for the following activities:

  • Decorating.
  • Floral deliveries and arrangements.
  • Photography and videography.
  • Pre-wedding activities.
  • Wedding Ceremony
  • Post-wedding activities.


Pricing is as stated:

  • Four (4) hour block of time – details below

The cost to rent the outdoor wedding venue or Guillot University Center indoor venues at UNA for a wedding service will vary depending on the type of customer (UNA Affiliated or Nonaffiliated). The price will include a four (4) hour block of time in the Memorial Amphitheatre. The locations within the GUC will have variable times based on availability but is not limited to four hours. The cost to rent a wedding venue for additional time for a wedding service also varies at $150 per hour for clients not affiliated with UNA and $100 per hour for UNA graduates, and current faculty or staff.

These prices include:

  • Planning access meeting within two (2) months of your reservation with our Assistant Director of Scheduling and Events.
  • Planning access meeting within two (2) weeks of your reservation with our Assistant Director of Scheduling and Events.
  • Day-of direction services.
  • One (1) house manager for the wedding ceremony (3 hours). Staffing for rehearsals is not included.

These prices do not include:

  • Officiants, clergy persons or musicians.
  • Wedding planning services.
  • Time and space for the wedding reception unless the GUC Banquet Hall or Performance Center is selected and available for the entire time.

Wedding Rehearsals.

Wedding rehearsal reservations may be placed at the time of the first planning meeting (two months out). Rehearsals are limited to two (2) hours and are included in the cost of rental.


The chart below details costs for affiliated (Current Faculty and/or Staff and UNA graduates) and non-UNA affiliated clients (discounts only apply to the bride and/or groom). The affiliated pricing options are extended to the following:

  • UNA graduate
  • Current faculty
  • Current staff

Costs and Contractual Agreements.



Times Available

Base Cost

Memorial Amphitheatre

Wedding Ceremony

Saturday: 12:00pm – 4:00pm

                  5:00pm – 9:00pm

Sunday: 1:00pm – 5:00pm

Non-UNA Affiliated Client

$1,250 for four hours

$150 per each additional hour

Current Faculty/Staff or UNA graduate

$750 for four hours

$100 per each additional hour

GUC Banquet Halls

Wedding Ceremony and/or Reception

Saturday: 12:00pm - 9:00pm

Sunday: 1:00pm – 5:00pm


*When Available

Entire Banquet Hall - $1250

Banquet Hall A - $350

Banquet Hall B - $550

Banquet Hall C - $350


*Must use UNA Dining Services for all Catered Meals.

GUC Performance Center

Wedding Ceremony and/or Reception

Saturday: 12:00pm - 9:00pm

Sunday: 1:00pm – 5:00pm


*When Available


$700 for four hours


*Must use UNA Dining Services for all Catered Meals.


*Please Note: The costs in the aforementioned chart are inclusive of charges for standard staffing and House Manager for the wedding ceremony only. Although the University of North Alabama does not provide wedding planning or coordination services, a House Manager from the Department of University Center Operations and Event Management will assist with venue use during the event. It is required that the client designate one individual from the wedding party as the event representative. This person will serve as the day-of contact and also channel requests through the House Manager.

Should the client wish to hold a reception in the GUC Banquet Hall(s) separate from the ceremony venue, an additional facility rental charge will apply as noted above. Availability is subject to the University’s scheduling timetable. Please contact the Department of University Center Operations and Event Management via phone at (256) 765-4658 for more information regarding pricing and availability.  We recommend that when you inquire into the wedding location and are considering hosting your reception on campus, you should inquire into the availability of that space as well. 

Submitting the Wedding Reservation Form is not a confirmation of your reservation. A signed contract and full payment must be received by the Department of University Center Operations and Event Management before any reservations can be confirmed.  Only when the client receives an email from us will a Wedding be considered confirmed. The rental fee is due and shall be paid in full at the time the contract is signed. 

Cancellation Policy and Fees.

A deposit of $500 is due at the time of reservation.  Payment in full must be made a week prior to your wedding.  If a cancellation is deemed necessary it must be submitted in written form to the Department of University Center Operations and Event Management as soon as possible. Cancellations done 14 days or less prior to the event will forfeit the $500 deposit. The Department of University Center Operations and Event Management reserves the right to cancel any event without notice if full payment is not received with the signed contract or if any portion of the contract is disregarded. The University of North Alabama reserves the right to revise these guidelines and/or to make exceptions when approved by the Vice President for Student Affairs with the concurrence of the Executive Council.


The client must first consult with staff in The Department of University Center Operations and Event Management regarding decorations best suited for use within the reserved venue.  

  • The client is responsible for the setup and break down/cleanup of all materials they bring, i/e/ flowers, outside vendor equipment, any other decorations 
  • All decorations and rental equipment must be broken down and removed by the client no later than one (1) hour after the scheduled end time of the event.  If the client fails to remove or have the items removed by this time, the client will be charged for $75 for every hour they remain at the venue.
  • All tents must be discussed and approved prior to the event with the Assistant Director of Scheduling and Events.  If a tent is erected without prior approval and any damage occurs, the client will be responsible for the cost of repair.

The following are posted restrictions as per our Outdoor Campus Decoration guidelines:

  • Candles, fireworks, and sparklers are not permitted on the UNAcampus.
  • The use of tape, glue, tacks, nails, screws, push pins, Velcro, command hooks, staples, suction cups, or any type of adhesive or adhesive-like device or material is not allowed in any venue.
  • Hanging items from the lighting fixtures or ceilings is prohibited.
  • Balloons of any kind are allowed, but we request that you do not release them into the sky.
  • Moving furniture is prohibited within the Banquet Halls once set.  Should you need furniture moved, please contact the House Manager for assistance.
  • Rice, rice bags, birdseed, glitter, confetti or any substance may not be thrown or distributed in or outside any venue at UNA. The use of bubbles is allowed in the outside venues.
  • Flower petals of any kind are prohibited.
  • Plastic or other protection must be placed under live plants.
  • Tying, adhering, or attaching any type of decoration to any outdoor landscaping or exterior architecture is prohibited.
  • All decorations and trash must be removed from the premises by the reservation end time, as detailed in the contractual agreement. An additional clean-up fee may be assessed if the terms of the policy are not satisfied.

Food and Beverage.

Per contractual agreements and certain state health laws, no outside food or caterers are allowed within the Guillot University Center, nor are any groups allowed to bring prepared foods into the Guillot University Center for any event (excluding wedding cakes and grooms cakes). For catering services, please contact Denise Seagraves with UNA Dining Services at (256) 765-5237 or email at

Rental Property

The University of North Alabama is not responsible for any third-party rental property.  Storage and the return of the rental property is the sole responsibility of the client.  

Missing/Damaged Items

Any missing or damaged items will be billed to the client.  The University of North Alabama is not responsible for the damage or loss of personal items.


There are restrooms available in the GUC.

Wedding Officiant.

It is the responsibility of the wedding party to obtain an officiant. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance can I book an outside venue for my wedding?

Our outside venues may be booked to host a wedding a maximum of twelve (12) months in advance.

Is a deposit required to hold the space?

A $500 deposit is required when you reserve the venue.  Payment in full is due one week before the event.

Is my payment refundable?

Your deposit is refundable if you cancel your event more than 14 days prior to it.  Should you cancel less than 14 days from the event, you will forfeit your deposit.

Are alcoholic beverages permitted to be served?

Alcoholic beverages are permitted to be served at UNA in the Banquet Halls with permission from the Vice President for Student Affairs.  If approved, alcohol must be purchased, and served by the UNA Dining Services staff. At no time will approval be granted to bring “outside alcohol” to a wedding or reception.

Is the seating configuration moveable for the outside venues?

The Memorial Amphitheatre has benches there as part of the venue.  The client may wish to use a different type of seating which they would provide.  Arrangement of the venue’s benches or use of client provided seating will be discussed during your meeting with the Assistant Director of Scheduling and Events.

Where can my guests park?

For weddings, the Assistant Director of Scheduling and Events will provide detailed parking arrangements for guests. For a detailed map of campus and parking locations, please visit the campus map at

What options do I have for catering?

Please contact please contact Denise Seagraves with UNA Dining Services at (256) 765-5237 or email at to inquire about catering options. UNA Dining Services offers extensive catering menus and their helpful staff is ready to make your reception one to remember!

Do you have a preferred vendor for floral arrangements?

Florence and the Shoals area has many awesome florists, but we do not have a preferred or recommended vendor.  

Can I host my wedding reception on campus?

Yes! The GUC Banquet Halls have been the host of many wedding receptions throughout the years.  We offer a great location with either our tables and chairs (which are included in the price) or tables and chairs from your outside vendor.  If you are interested in hosting your reception in the Banquet Halls, please let the Assistant Director of Scheduling and Events know when you are discussing your wedding and together you can plan a great reception.

When can I book my wedding rehearsal?

Wedding rehearsal reservations may be placed at the time of the initial ceremony reservation to ensure availability. Rehearsals are limited to two (2) hours and are included in the cost of rental.

Can I take a tour of the facilities?

Yes, in fact we encourage you to! Staff of the Department of University Center Operations and Event Management are available to conduct tours within the standard business hours of 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday, pending availability and programming on campus. Please contact our office to schedule a time to meet and tour the facilities and discuss the spaces and options available for wedding. 


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Guidelines for Outdoor Campus Decorations

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