Master of Arts in Writing Faculty

Dr. Cynthia Burkhead, Chair

Associate Professor

115 Willingham
(256) 765-4790
Research and Teaching Fields: Film studies, Television studies, Folklore, American literature


Mr. Daryl Brown


227 Willingham
(256) 765-4494
Research and Teaching Fields: Genres in Fiction, Advanced Creative Writing: Poetry and Creative Nonfiction, Advanced Creative Writing: Fiction and Drama, Protest Writing and Dissent

Dr. Jill Dahlman

Assistant Professor

015 Willingham Hall
(256) 765.5273
Research and Teaching Fields: Composition


Ms. Pam Kingsbury


217 Willingham
(256) 765-4890
Research and Teaching Fields: Creative Writing; Contemporary American Literature


Dr. Kelly Latchaw

Assistant Professor, Coordinator of Graduate Studies

225 Willingham
(256) 765-4492
Research and Teaching Fields: Cultural Studies and Linguistics


Dr. Nick Mauriello


223 Willingham
(256) 765-4499
Research and Teaching Fields: Multimodal Writing, Rhetorical Theory, Applied Linguistics, and Writing Centers and WID

Mr. Jason McCall

Assistant Professor

219 Willingham
(256) 765-4889
Research and Teaching Fields: Creative Writing Poetry

Dr. Tammy Winner

Associate Professor, Program Coordinator, MA in Writing

(256) 660 - 9026
212 Willingham
Research and Teaching Fields: Technical Writing and Editing, Professional Writing, Rhetoric, Composition and Internship Supervision