English Checksheets

Option I: English

A degree in literature develops the creative and critical minds of students who wish to master the English Language. Through the study of multiple literary genres, students gain the analytical skills needed to excel in a variety of professional experiences and graduate programs.

Option II: Professional Writing

Cultivating business minds for tomorrow's workforce, a degree in professional writing equips students with the skills and professional etiquette needed to outshine the competition. This option is designed to prepare students interested in using their communication skills for careers in government, business, industry, social service, or freelance writing. This major focuses on composition, editing, and design of creative and technical writing.

Option III: Language Arts

A degree in Language Arts allows students to pursue a variety of educational-based careers in English. Students develop strong interpersonal skills alongside a working knowledge of the English Language. An Education major is also required for this option.

Option III Checksheet