Stephen Melvin

Research and Teaching Fields:

Composition and Literature. Literature and Films of the 1970s; When Animals Attack Fiction; Conspiracy Theory Narratives.


Institution Degree Year
Univeristy of North Alabama B.S. 2000

University of North Alabama

B.A. in English 2002

Research, Teaching, and Other Interests:

  • “’Surpassed by Her Beauty’: The Male Gaze, the Sympathetic Imagination, and the Complications of Marie de France’s Proto-Feminism”
  • “’Trouble Still Comes Around’: Sisyphean Philosophy in the Whedonverse”
  • “’It Troubles Almost Any Thinking Person’: Promoting Critical Thinking Skills through Stephen King’s Firestarter

Works in Progress:

  • All Things That Hate and Maul: A Critical Study of Animals Attack Narratives from Jaws to Cujo

Courses Taught:

  • EN111: First-Year Composition I
  • EN112: First-Year Composition II
  • EN111H: Honors First-Year Composition I
  • EN112H: Honors First-Year Composition II
  • EN211: Survey of British Literature I
  • EN211H: Honors Survey of British Literature I
  • EN212: Survey of British Literature II
  • EN221: American Literature through Whitman
  • EN231: Literature of the World I
  • EN231H: Honors Literature of the World I
  • EN232: Literature of the World II