Erin Fitzgerald

Research and Teaching Fields:

Rhetoric of Health and Medicine, STEM Writing, Technical and Professional Writing, Ethics of Care, Rhetorical Theory, Genre Theory, Gender and Identity Studies, and Writing Studies.





California State University, Fullerton

B.A. in Psychology

B.A. in Anthropology


California State University, Fullerton

M.A. in Anthropology (Biological and Evolutionary)


University of New Mexico

M.S. in Anthropology (Evolutionary)


University of New Mexico

M.A. in English (Rhetoric and Composition)


Auburn University

Ph.D. in English (Rhetoric and Composition)




Fitzgerald, E. (2019). Gendered responsibility: A critique of HPV vaccine ads, 2006-2016. In J. White-Farnham, B. S. Finer, C. Molloy (Eds). Women’s Health Advocacy: Rhetorical Ingenuity for the 21st Century. New York, NY: Routledge.

Fitzgerald, E. (2019). [Review of the book The online writing conference: A guide for teachers and tutors, by Beth Hewett]. Kairos: Journal of Rhetoric, Pedagogy, and Technology, (published online Spring 2019, Issue 23.2)

Wickman, C., & Fitzgerald, E. (2018, Dec 10). Introduction writing and science: An editorial perspective. Written Communication, 36(1), 3-8. Special Issue: Writing and Science. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

Fitzgerald, E., Potter, B., & Tseptsura, M. (2015). "Conversation: Online, Course “Talk” Can Become Writing." PowerPoint Lecture featured in Kairos: Journal of Rhetoric, Pedagogy, and Technology. In Bourelle, T., Bourelle, A., Spong, S., Knutson, A., Howland-Davis, E. Kubasek., N. "Reflections in Online Writing Instruction: Pathways to Professional Development.," (published online Fall 2015, Issue 20.1)


Undergraduate Courses Taught:

  • EN 111: First Year Composition I


Graduate Courses Taught:

  • EN 443/543: Instruction to Composition (hybrid undergraduate/graduate course)
  • EN 494W/595W Special Topics Course on Writing for STEM (hybrid undergraduate/graduate course)
  • EN 602W: Introduction to Graduate Studies
  • EN 625W: Document Design