COEHS Strategic Plan

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Mission Statement: 

The Mission of UNA’s College of Education and Human Sciences is to Educate, Inspire, and Serve.

Goal:  Expand educational and professional opportunities for students including research and scholarship, study abroad and away, and internships.

          Aspiration:  All students engage in two or more transformational experiences prior to graduating.

Goal:  Expand relationships, partnerships, networking, and clinical experience opportunities.

          Aspiration: All students complete at least one experience linked with networking and professional partnerships.

Goal:  Optimize communication between COEHS and students.

          Aspiration:  All students regularly receive information regarding educational opportunities and experiences via departmental and UNA formal communication platforms.

Goal:  Ensure COEHS degree programs provide creative, contemporary, and student-centered experiences.

          Aspiration: All departments develop and maintain innovative academic programs which prepare students to effectively meet the needs of the modern job market.

Goal:  Expand opportunities for student-faculty engagement in meaningful educational experiences.

          Aspiration:  All programs ensure four or more content-specific seminars, workshops, conferences or other opportunities annually. 

Goal:  Focus on instruction and technology integration in all aspects of effective student preparation.

          Aspiration:  All programs meet or exceed standards for professional accreditation, ensure full-time faculty teach 75% or more of classes while including relevant technology.

Goal:  Cultivate and support recruitment and retention characterized by diversity, inclusion, and respect for individuals.

          Aspiration:  All departments implement recruitment, scholarship, and retention efforts targeting diverse populations.

Goal:  Create and expand programs directly addressing initiatives aimed at diversification and inclusion.

          Aspiration:   All programs provide opportunities for students and employees to engage in activities integrating the concepts of diversity and inclusion.

Goal:  Provide opportunities for students to engage in diverse experiences outside the classroom setting.

          Aspiration:  All students engage in at least one event or activity focused on diversity and inclusion annually.

Goal:  Develop and effectively market academic programs to increase COEHS enrollment in support of university growth.

          Aspiration: Increase enrollment within the college by 10% in five years.

Goal:  Pursue external support for research, service-based projects, scholarships, advancement and other initiatives for COEHS program growth.

          Aspiration:  All faculty members remain engaged in at least one activity aimed at the pursuit of external support/advancement.

Goal:  Market programs and broadly communicate the COEHS impact on the community and beyond.

          Aspiration: Prospective students are introduced to UNA in multiple ways including social media.

Goal:  Engage stakeholders in marketing efforts and communicating the COEHS as an integral component of the UNA story.

          Aspiration: UNA stakeholders are included in a significant portion of marketing efforts.

Goal:  Deliver academic programs and credentialing options which are responsive to the contemporary learner.

          Aspiration: Offer doctoral, micro-credentials, foundational or other programs targeting a broad range of audiences.