Student Appeal and Grievance Procedure

Student Appeal Procedure

  • If the request for an accommodation is not granted by the review panel, students may send a written appeal to the Vice President for Student Affairs, who will then send the appeal and documentation to a second panel for review.
  • In the event that accommodations are not granted, students may choose to file a complaint with:Regional Office of Civil Rights (OCR), Atlanta Office 61 Forsythe St. SW, Suite 19T70 Atlanta, GA 30301-3104 P:  404-562-6350

Student Grievance Procedure

Once a students' documentation is approved by the panel and a student is receiving accommodations, if that student has a complaint alleging violation's of the Americans with Disabilities Act, including failure to provide reasonable and appropriate accommodations or discrimination on the basis of disability, a complaint may be filed with the Office of Disability Support Services.

  1. The student must contact Disability Support Services to discuss the complaint. The student and DSS staff will meet together to seek a solution.     
  2. If a solution is not decided upon, the student may take the complaint to the Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs, Tammy W. Jacques.  The Assistant Vice President, along with the DSS staff will attempt to formulate a solution.         
  3. If the solution mentioned is not satisfactory, the complaint may be taken to David Shields, the Vice President for Student Affairs, whom will address the situation.  Unless otherwise resolved to the mutual satisfaction of the student and the University, the complainant will receive a written determination.  
  4. If a satisfactory resolution is not achieved within the University, complaints may be directed to: Regional Office for Civil Rights (OCR), Atlanta Office 61 Forsythe St. SW, Suite 19T70 Atlanta, GA 30301-3104 P:  404-562-6350

If you have questions or concerns about the documentation, please contact DSS at: