Security and Emergency Management Program

The Department of Politics, Justice, Law, and Philosophy under its Security and Emergency Management program offers a minor and certificate in Security and Emergency Management for undergraduate students of all majors and an area of concentration in Security and Emergency Management for students pursuing the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies degree. Graduate students in any program can earn the Graduate Certificate in SEM and also can specialize in the field with a concentration in Safety and Security Leadership within the Master of Professional Studies program - The Security and Emergency Management programs are designed to help prepare students for careers related to or that involve elements of security and emergency and disaster management in local, state, or federal government, business, and volunteer organizations.  Interested individuals should contact LTC (ret.) Wayne P. Bergeron at 256.765-5022 or



Course                                                                 Credit

Survey of Homeland Security (SEM 250)                    3

Intro to EM & Civil Response (SEM 255)                     3

SEM Electives (300-400 level)                                   6

Criminal Justice Elective                                            6



Course                                                                 Credit

Survey of Homeland Security (SEM 250)                    3

Intro to EM & Civil Response (SEM 255)                     3

SEM Electives (300-400 level)                                   6



Course                                                                 Credit

General Education Courses                                     41-47

Required SEM and IDS Courses                                   10

SEM Emphasis Courses (300-400 level)                       24

Additional SEM and Electives                                       49



SEM Core Courses

SEM 250.  (3)  Introduction to Homeland Security

SEM 255.  (3)  Introduction to Emergency Management and Civil Response

SEM 310.  (3)  Disaster Mitigation and Preparedness

SEM 350. (3) Interagency Cooperation

SEM 405.  (3)  Terrorism and Terrorist Operations

SEM 406.  (3)  Disaster Response and Recovery

SEM 460.  (3)  Homeland Security & Emergency Management Seminar/Exercise

SEM 495. (3)  Internship/Practicum in Security and Emergency Management

SEM 497. (3) Special Topics in Security and Emergency Management (maritime transport security, natural/man-made disaster crisis management, customs security and border control, aviation and ground transport security, cyber crime and security, intelligence in law enforcement and emergency management, international criminal enterprise, crisis response and incident command, military support to disaster relief)

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