UNA Society of Physics Students

SPS Logo

The UNA Society of Physics Students has a a good history of involvement, including winning two notable chapter and one Outstanding Chapter Awards. We are now in the process of rebuilding the chapter, so new members are welcome. You do no need to be a physics major to join. Benefits include summer internship opportunities, scholarships and and opportunity to attend conferences.   

Our activities include

  • Public outreach on campus and at the First Fridays 
  • Research on Lunar meteor impacts
  • Homecoming BBQ
  • Earth Day outreach
  • Sci Fi Movie nights
  • Attendance at state, regional and national conferences
  • Invited speakers

All students at UNA are welcome to join the SPS. We are a recognized student organization.


For the Fall, 2020 semester the UNA SPS meets at the UNA Planetarium on Mondays at 3:30 pm.  All UNA students are welcome to join whether they are physics majors or if they are just interested in astronomy and physics.