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The thought of paying for a degree can sometimes feel daunting. From understanding scholarships to applying for financial aid, we often hear from students that affordability is top-of-mind. University support for student scholarships has increased by over 165% in the last five years. 76% of new students receive an institutional scholarship and the average award is $4,700.


At the University of North Alabama, we are proud to offer numerous scholarship opportunities that elevate possibilities for students just like you. We support all students, from undergraduate to graduate, and from those in the military to alumni and partnership employees. UNA has developed exclusive opportunities that make college affordable, accessible, and flexible for all students.

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Scholarships are monetary awards that can help you pay for your tuition, textbooks, housing, and more. Scholarships are different than federal financial aid (FAFSA), which is applied for separately.

You may be considered for some scholarships automatically when you apply to the University of North Alabama. Others you will have to apply for separately. Each scholarship can work differently than the next. Some scholarships are a one-time payment, others are renewable and provide financial assistance each semester or school year. 

With so many different types of scholarships, finding and applying for them can feel intimidating. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to find the ones that fit your educational goals and journey in the categories below. Our financial aid experts are ready and able to help you with your search and application process.

Eligibility—Some of our scholarships are “stackable,” meaning they can be combined with other scholarships. Others are not stackable. In these cases, if you are awarded multiple scholarships, you will receive the one(s) that provides the greatest monetary benefit to you. UNA’s Doctoral programs are not eligible for the New Start, UNA Alumni, Military Heroes, and Corporate Partner Employee scholarships.

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