Education Abroad Programs

University of North Alabama has academic departments offering short-term faculty-led programs in over half a dozen countries.
Faculty-led programs can last anywhere from 10 days to 3 weeks taught entirely by a UNA faculty member who plans everything for the student group.
Students will register for a regular UNA class that is a requirement in their department taught over the course of ½ semester or an entire semester that is associated with a study abroad element.

Spend 12 days in England, Ireland, and Scotland this Summer!

As a student, you will be able to experience the culture, history, and so much more to all these great countries.

Department: Communications & Politics, Justice, Law, and Philosophy
Where: England, Ireland, Scotland 
Dates: 07/31/2020 – 08/12/2020

  • COM 480
  • CJ 495 

Estimated Cost: $3,200 (does not include tuition)
Accommodations: Includes round trip air fare, in-country transportation, room and board, and guided tours.
Application Deadline: 11/15/2019
Contact: Lisa Darnell at OR Justin Joseph at

Spend 29 days in Spin this Summer!
Students will be able to experience true Spanish culture, food, and more.
Department:  Foreign Languages
Where:  Spain
Dates: 6/26/2020 – 7/25/2020
  • FL 201
  • FL 490
  • SP 202
  • SP 302
  • SP 490
  • SP 499

Estimated Cost: $4,100
Accommodations: Includes round trip air fare-transportation, in country transportation, room and board, and guided tours.
Application Deadline: 12/2/2019

Contact: Dr. Alejandra Alvarado-Brizuela at OR Dr. Claudia Vance at

Spend 16 days in Peru this Summer!

Students will experience Peruvian culture, coastal and mountain environments, Machu Picchu, and more!

Department: Foreign Languages and Geography 

Where: Peru
Dates: 05/14/2020 – 05/30/2020

  • FL 201
  • FL 490 
  • SP 490 
  • GE 497
  • GE 605

Estimated Cost: $3,000 (does not include tuition)
Accommodations: Includes round trip airfare, in country transportation, room and board, most meals, and all site entry fees.

Application Deadline: 11/15/2019
Contact: Dr. Scott Infanger at OR Dr Michael Pretes at

Spend 2 weeks in France this Summer! Students will be able to experience French culture, history, museums, châteaux, food, and more.

Department: Foreign Languages

Where: Paris, France
Dates: 06/01/2020 – 06/15/2020

  • AR170, Art Appreciation 
  • AR 335, Art and Culture in Paris
  • FR 499, Culture and Civilization of Paris
  • IE 499, Intercultural Experience

Estimated Cost: $2,700 (does not include tuition)
Accommodations: Includes round trip air fare,transportation, breakfast, residence hall, and several mu

Application Deadline: 10/18/2019
Contact: Dr. Stephanie Coker at OR Dr. Robert Rausch at

Contact: Stephanie Coker, or Robert Rausch,

Spend 17 days in Scotland this Summer!

Students will be able to experience true Scottish culture, food, and more.

Department: History
Where: Scotland
Dates: 06/25/2020 – 07/12/2020

  • HI 390/490/590 In the Field and Library: Documenting Scottish Rural Settlement
  • HI 390/490/590 Heritage Museum Practice in Scotland

Estimated Cost:  $3,900 (does not include tuition)
Accommodations: Includes round trip airfare, in-country transportation, room and board, meals, scheduled on site entrance fees, and travel insurance. 
Application Deadline: 01/31/2020

 Contact: Dr. George Makowski at OR Carolyn Barske Crawford at

Spend 15 days in Scotland this Summer! 

You will have the once in a lifetime experience to be a part of Scotland’s culture, museums, and see so much more.

Department: Marketing and Management
Where: Scotland 
Dates: 05/13/2020 – 05/28/2020

  • MG 491, International Business

Estimated Cost: $2,600 (does not include tuition)
Accommodations: Includes round trip air fare, in-country transportation, room and board, and guided tours. 
Application Deadline: 11/22/2019
Contact: Dr. Mark Lawrence at

Spend 15 days in Germany, France, Switzerland, and Austria this Summer!

Students will be able to experience European culture, history, museums, and more.  

Department: Marketing and Management
Where: Germany, France, Switzerland,  and Austria
Dates: 05/30/2020 – 06/14/2020

  • MG 475

Estimated Cost: $2,500 (does not include tuition)
Accommodations: Includes round trip air fare-transportation, in-country transportation, and room and board. 
Application Deadline: 11/22/2019
Contact: Dr. Matthew Oglesby at

Spend 15 days in Italy this Summer!

Students will be able to experience European culture, history, museums, and more.

Department: Marketing and Management
Where: Italy
Dates: 07/25/2020 – 08/09/2020

  • MG 491

Estimated Cost: $2,500 (does not include tuition)
Accommodations: Includes round trip air fare-transportation, in-country transportation, and room and board. 
Application Deadline: 11/22/2019
Contact: Ms. Julie Heinrich at

Spend 11 days in Denmark and Sweden this Summer!
Students will be able to experience European culture, history, museums, and more.  

Department: Marketing and Management
Where: Denmark and Sweden
Dates: 09/25/2020 – 10/06/2020

  • MG 491SA

Estimated Cost: $2,200 (does not include tuition)
Accommodations: Includes round trip airfare, in-country transportation, room and board, scheduled on site entrance fees, and travel insurance. 
Application Deadline: 1/15/2020
Contact: Ms. Julie Heinrish at

Spend 8 days in the Dominican Republic This Summer!

Students will be able to experience Caribbean culture, history, museums, and more.

Department: Nursing 
Where: Dominican Republic 
Dates: 05/23/2020 – 05/31/2020

  • NU 499SA 

Estimated Cost: $1,950 (does not include tuition)
Accommodations: Includes round trip air fare, in-country transportation, room and board, meals, and guided tours.
Application Deadline: 10/11/2019
Contact: Dr. Clarissa Hall at 

Spend 8 days in England This Summer!

Students will be able to experience English culture, history, museums, and more.

Department: Nursing
Where: England
Dates: 06/17/2020 – 06/25/2020

  • NU 499SA

Estimated Cost: $1,925 (does not include tuition)
Accommodations: Includes round trip air fare, in-country transportation, room and board, some meals, and guided tours.
Application Deadline: 10/10/2019
Contact: Dr. Peggy Bergeron at