Mane Month

What is Mane Month?

Mane Month is a coordination of activities hosted by various organizations, groups, and departments across campus during the first Month of the fall semester.  It is the most important time for new students to get connected on campus. 

If you would like to propose an event, but are unable to participate in the scheduled Mane Month meetings, please complete the following form. 

Mane Month Event Proposal

The calendar draft is updated during every Mane Month meeting. You can find the most up-to-date calendar using the link below. 

2020 Calendar Draft

The next Mane Month planning meetings are scheduled for the following dates. Both meetings will take place using the Zoom link provided below. 

  • Wednesday, April 8th - 2:00pm
  • Wednesday, April 29th - 2:00pm

Join Zoom Meeting

If you are interested in advertising in the Mane Month brochure, please complete the form below. The Mane Month Brochure is mailed to over 6000 students and used to identify events happening the first few weeks of school.  If you sent an ad yourself it would cost $1200 in postage plus print costs ($400 minimum).  Advertise your business, church, or organization at a fraction of the costs and help us continue to provide this resource for our students. 

Brochure Advertisement

If you would like to participate in the Lucky Dip, please complete the form below. 

Lucky Dip Registration

Local Businesses, Non-profit organizations, student organizations, etc. can sign-up for a table at the Big Deal when registration is live.  Recognized Student Organizations and University Departments may register for free.

  • Registration, June 1st-July 31st: $65.00
  • Late Registration: August 1st-14th: $100.00

Registration Will Open June 1st, 2020

Registration Checks may be sent to the UNA Student Engagement Center at:

Student Engagement, One Harrison Plaza, UNA Box 5033, Florence, AL 35632

For more information about the Big Deal, click here