Pre-Registration Dates


Spring and Summer 2023

Students are allowed to pre-register each semester based on their classification according to earned hours.

Spring and Summer 2023 registration will begin on Monday, October 31st. Please find your classification below for your registration time.

*Note: Your classification for pre-registration purposes is calculated by earned hours base on your last completed semester.

Below is a breakdown of each group and start time:

Date Start Time Registration Group
October 31st 12:00 AM Seniors - Graduate Students
November 2nd 12:00 AM Juniors
November 7th 12:00 AM Sophomores
November 9th 12:00 AM Freshman
November 14th 12:00 AM Spec. Population

University of North Alabama determines a student's classification based on the amount of earned hours:

Classification Earned Hours
Freshman 0-29 Hours
Sophomore 30-59 Hours
Junior 60-89 Hours
Senior 90 or more Hours