Graduate Transient Form

This form is submitted when a graduate student requests transient status at another institution.
To submit this form you will need:
  • The student's UNA email address
  • The student's program/major
  • Name of other Institution
  • Term/Year of intended completion of transient courses
  • Transient course number and title
  • UNA's equivalent course number and hours
A workflow will automatically send the form to the student for completion of personal details and acceptance of policies concerning transient graduate work, the Dean of the specified college for approval and the office of the registrar and the office of admissions for processing. Once the workflow is completed, a PDF copy of the form will be sent to your UNA email account, and the student's UNA email account.
Select the college that the student resides:

Anderson College of Nursing and Health Professions

College of Arts, Sciences, and Engineering

College of Business and Technology

College of Education and Human Sciences