Final Grade Deadlines

Fall 2021 First 8-week Session

October 13th, 12 noon

Second 8-week Session

December 9th, 12 noon (Fall Degree Candidates)

December 10th, 12 noon (All other grades)

Full Session

December 9th, 12 noon (Fall Degree Candidates)

December 10th, 12 noon (All other grades)

Spring 2022 First 8-week Session March 2nd, 12 noon
Second 8-week Session

May 5th12 noon (Spring Degree Candidates)

May 6th, 12 noon (All other grades)

Full Session

May 5th, 12 noon (Spring Degree Candidates)

May 6th12 noon (All other grades)

Summer 2022 May Intersession

June 3rd, 12 noon

Session 1 July 6th
Session 2 July 29th
Full Session July 29th
NOTE: College and departmental grading deadlines may be set in advance of the university deadline. Faculty members should consult with their department chair for additional information.
  • Steps for Entering Final Grades

  • Log into your UNA Portal
  • Click on the FACULTY option
  • Select the course title under FACULTY GRADE ASSIGNMENT
  • Enter the final grades in the GRADE COLUMN
  • When finished, click SUBMIT
  • Grades

  • Failing Grades - If a student receives a grade of F, U, or NC the system will require you to enter a Last Date of Attendance.
  • Incomplete Grades - If you do not have a completed grade for a student by the deadline, please enter an I or IP grade. If you assign an incomplete, the system will display the default conversion grade (F) on a separate confirmation page.
  • You will need to click Submit to continue. It will only change the incomplete grade to an F grade if the student does not fulfill the remaining requirements by the extension deadline. The student will NOT need to re-register for the course again.
  • Early College Grade Sheets

  • Early College grade sheets containing numeric and letter grades are also due by the same final grades deadline indicated above.
  • Grade sheets may be returned by:

  • Scanned copy and e-mailed to
  • Hand delivery to the Office of the Registrar in 601 Cramer Way, Room 119.