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Second Degree and Additional Major Information

Information to Know

1. Second Degree students are financial aid eligible.
Additional Major students are NOT financial aid eligible.

2. Second Degree students will receive a diploma and must apply for graduation.
Additional Major students will NOT receive a diploma and do NOT have to apply for graduation. Upon completion of courses listed, have your college Dean notify the Registrar's Office to verify objective. If requirements have been completed, your record will then be annotated as follows: "Additional requirements completed for the equivalent of a major/minor in your major."

3. If you have not applied for admission to UNA and need to be advised, please make an appointment with your major department. The contact information for these departments can be found at

4. Once you have applied and received your acceptance letter, visit the checksheet request form. Be sure to fill out the form for your NEW second degree or additional major and fax it to 256-765-6014 or mail your form to The University of North Alabama, Registrar's Office, UNA Box 5044, Florence, AL 35630.

5. Requirements for Second Degrees and Additional Majors cannot be viewed using the Curriculum, Advising and Program Planning (CAPP) tool.


A student may earn a second bachelor's degree by completing in residence at least32 additional semester hours of 300/400 level course work over and above the total hours completed for the first degree. All Area V general studies requirements, major core and other requirements for the major, and minor if applicable, must be satisfied.


To meet requirements for an additional major, UNA graduates must complete any additional MAJOR courses and PRESCRIBED SUPPORTING course(s) not completed in the first degree as well as any GENERAL STUDIES courses particular to that major. Transfer students must meet the above requirements to include residence requirements of 12 hours of 300/400 level courses in the MAJOR. (Supporting courses will not meet residence requirements.)

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