Public Safety Force

The University of North Alabama utilizes a group of individuals who are community spirited and willing to serve for the good of the University. They are collectively the UNA Public Safety Force. The Public Safety Force provides a reservoir of trained volunteers for the department to use in a disaster and to support the regular members of the department during special events, to supplement staffing that would require additional police coverage, and to provide shift coverage as " directed duty".

Public Safety Officer applications are accepted throughout the year at UNA Public Safety Force Application. Each fall, the UNA Police go through the applications and select a group to attend Public Safety Force training, which is offered at the University of North Alabama. It is approximately 400 hours of training, held over the course of the next 12 months. Such topics as Patrol Procedure, Evidence Collection, Use of Force and many others are covered in the training. Upon successfully completing the training, they may begin serving as Public Safety Force members.