About Micro-credentials at UNA

A Micro-credential is a small program that allows you to gain relevant skills that are needed in today’s workforce. All Micro-credentials offered at UNA are aligned with 21st-century workforce demands, including critical thinking, intercultural fluency, digital technology, and more. These small programs are specifically designed to equip professionals with the skills that employers want, in order to stay at the leading edge of their disciplines.

Why Enroll in a Micro-Credential Program?

Take less time to complete Never more than 15 credits, micro-credentials are smaller than a degree or advanced certificate, and can be earned in as little as one semester.

Are offered in flexible formats All of UNA’s Micro-credentials are offered online in self-paced and/or accelerated (i.e., 8-week) formats.

Are directly aligned 21st-century workforce demands All UNA Micro-credentials are labor market-driven and specifically designed to better equip professionals with the skills that employers need.

Digital Badges

All students who complete a Micro-credential at UNA will receive a notation on an academic transcript as well as a digital badge.

Digital badges are valuable in that they offer more ways to showcase and share your skills, knowledge, and achievements than a typical transcript.

Digital badges can be shared:

  • On your social media accounts, such as LinkedIn.
  • On your digital resumes.
  • In your ePortfolio.
  • In your email signature.

UNA is Affordable - We have the resources for you!

The thought of paying for a degree can sometimes feel daunting. From understanding scholarships to financial aid, we often hear from students that affordability is top-of-mind.

At the University of North Alabama, we are proud to offer numerous scholarship opportunities that elevate possibilities for students just like you with no additional scholarship application required.

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