Transfer Policy

A student seeking to transfer previously earned graduate level semester credit hours must list information about the institution previously attended in the Academic History section of the Application for Admission and request that official transcripts be sent to UNA at the time of application.

A maximum of six semester hours of graduate credit with a grade of B or better on each course may be accepted by transfer from other approved institutions provided:

  • the course is designated by the parent institution as graduate credit, and
  • the credit that has been earned is appropriate to the MBA program and/or MBA concentration program you have chosen.

Credit accepted by transfer will be shown on the student's permanent academic record but will not affect the UNA grade point average. Credit accepted by transfer is for equivalent semester hours only, does not affect the quality point status required on work attempted at the University of North Alabama, and does not reduce the minimum required residency hours.

Credit accepted by transfer must be earned within the time limits prescribed for degree completion at UNA. UNA's policy on time limits for degree completion is as follows:

Courses may not be applied to a degree plan more than eight years after completion, exclusive of time spent in active service in the Armed Forces of the United States.

Graduate courses where pass/fail or satisfactory/unsatisfactory is the recorded grade may not be transferred.

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