MBA Concentrations

Designed to help rising managers and career professionals with 5 years of business experience prepare for the challenge of leading organizations; GMAT not required for an Executive MBA.

Build and strengthen technical and managerial skills to effectively apply and manage technology in enabling competitive advantage and tactical efficiency in a global business environment.

Gain professional skills and business knowledge essential for success in an advancing professional accounting position.

Provides individuals with the professional skills and business knowledge essential for success in professional selling and new business development careers.

Prepare for a career in banking, investment analysis or corporate finance.

Build on business insight and principles to learn to support global and multicultural workforces effectively, and include global suppliers and customers in corporate strategy

Develop knowledge of policies, procedures, and standards to help meet the growing demand for management at medical facilities.

Focus on developing critical methodologies for managing projects and successfully interacting with the organizational processes in business environments.

Prepare students for successful completion of the "HR Assurance of Learning Certificate" (sponsored by the Society for Human Resource Management- SHRM) while providing students with an advanced focus on the professional skills and knowledge essential for success in contemporary human resource management careers.

 Choose your own path 

Want to build your own MBA? Then you can choose three electives in lieu of a concentration.