Applied Exercise Physiology Concentration

The human body is an incredible machine. The goal of the Applied Exercise Physiology concentration is to help students understand the engineering of our bodies and apply concepts relating to anatomy, physiology, motor control, nutrition, and lifting techniques to help a wide range of individuals "fine tune" their athletic capabilities. From the geriatric population, to athletes from the pee-wee to the professional level, to firefighter and police officers, the need for professionals who can develop and implement safe and sound exercise programming is growing. If this challenge is what you are looking for, the Applied Exercise Physiology concentration is for you!  

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What employment opportunities will you have?  

  • Strength and conditioning coach
  • High School or collegiate level athletes
  • Tactical athletes (military/firefighters)
  • Research/design sales in fitness-related industry
  • Director of corporate wellness facilities
  • Personal trainer

Earnings: Average starting salary is $25,000 to $45,000 range.

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