UNA’s Funding Opportunities for Adult Learners

These programs provide support for Adult Learners who wish to complete their undergraduate degrees. For more information regarding requirements for funding in any of these programs, please email admissions@una.edu.

ReEngage Alabama

Reengage Alabama focuses on former students in Alabama with some college and no degree.  This program is designed to provide funding for students interested in returning to complete a four-year degree at any Alabama Public Institution. Students interested in particular degree programs at UNA may qualify for grant funding.

Finish Scholarship

Students interested in completing their undergraduate degree may qualify for up to $2000 in funding. Students interested in any academic program may qualify for this scholarship as long as they have complete 60+ credit hours* at UNA or another institution toward their degree. *scholarship based on credit articulation completion by Registrar’s Office


The University of North Alabama is proud to partner with businesses and organizations to provide employees with opportunities to advance their education and career. UNA welcomes opportunities to explore new partnerships that will benefit companies and organizations by providing employees with more accessible and affordable education that will aide in their professional development and bring additional value to your institution.