Using Financial Aid for Bookstore Charges

The University of North Alabama now offers students the opportunity to purchase books at the UNA bookstore using their financial aid that has been awarded and authorized.

Students who have been awarded financial aid by UNA’s Office of Student Financial Services and have excess funds of $100 or greater after all tuition, fees, meals, and housing have been paid may charge up to $600 (or the available balance, whichever is less) of book purchases at the UNA bookstore. Bookstore charges will be placed on the student’s account and paid from the excess financial aid disbursement.


  • Minimum amount of excess aid must be at least $100
  • Maximum amount of purchase is $600
  • See UNA Bookstore Refund Policy: Click Here for policy
  • Books may not be purchased using financial aid during summer terms.
  • This service is for book pickup in person at the Follett Bookstore. Neither Follett Nor UNA mails books.

The student is responsible for the amount of book purchase if any of the following occurs:

  • Financial Aid is canceled
  • Financial Aid is less than original amount anticipated
  • Student withdrawal from the semester
  • Any changes occur to the student account that would reduce the amount of excess aid originally estimated


Business Office: 256-765-4442

Student Financial Aid: 256-765-4278

UNA Bookstore: 256-765-4400