Pell Grant Eligibility for Part of Term Policy

If your enrollment includes a Part of Term (8 week semesters), your initial Pell Grant award will be based on classes taken during the full semester, plus first part of term classes only. The balance from your full term and part of term 1 classes will be disbursed during the first disbursement period.

The increased Pell Grant award, which includes Part of Term 2, will be available for use on the 1st day of Part of Term 2, only if it was included in your initial enrollment. Disbursement of Pell Grant funds for Part of Term 2 will be the first day of Part of Term 2.


  • Registration for Fall = 12 credit hours
  • Of the 12 credit hours,
  • Full term = 6 credit hours
  • Part of Term 1 = 3 credit hours
  • Part of Term 2 = 3 credit hours

Total = 12 credit hours

Pell Grant award for full term (assuming maximum benefit) would be $3048. However, your initial award would be based on the full term classes and the Part of Term 1 classes, which would make your initial award $2,286 (3/4 time award). When classes for Part of Term 2 begins, the increased Pell Grant amount will disburse.