Timothy D. Loughrist

Assistant Professor, Philosophy

       Timothy D. Loughrist


I was born and raised in central New York and attended SUNY Geneseo, where I graduated with an honors BA in philosophy. From there, I moved to Nebraska to study philosophy at UNL, where I completed my dissertation, Reasons Against Belief: A Theory of Epistemic Defeat, under Dr. Albert Casullo, a well know epistemologist and leading expert on a priori justification. While in Nebraska, I married Katie Segrist and we merged our names, Loughlin and Segrist becoming Loughrist. Now we are both settling into our lives as Alabamans in beautiful Florence, AL.

Research Interests

  • AOS: Epistemology and Meta-Ethics
  • AOC: Normative &amp
  • Applied Ethics, Ancient philosophy


  •   Philosophy (PhD)
    University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  •   Philosophy (MA)
    University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  •   Philosophy (BA)
    The State University of New York at Geneseo

Selected Intellectual Contributions

  • Tim D. Loughrist. 2021. Intolerable Ideologies and the Obligation to Discriminate. Business and Professional Ethics Journal