Parkerson G. Seward

Assistant Professor, Art

       Parkerson G. Seward


I am an assistant professor and head of the painting and drawing concentration at the University of North Alabama, where I have the opportunity to teach a variety of painting, drawing and design courses to students of all levels. In addition to my teaching responsibilities, I also serve on faculty committees, organize public art collaborations to promote community and student engagement, recruit and advise students, and provide real world learning opportunities to prepare them for a successful post-graduation career in the arts. My portfolio will support that I am skilled in contemporary and traditional painting and drawing approaches, as my work incorporates various media and techniques, conceptual theory, and three-dimensional modeling. My artwork is influenced heavily by urban street art styles and colors, often combining the techniques and tools of public art with the materials and execution of studio painting. As such, I maintain a professional presence in the field of murals and public art. I am fascinated by the history of the movement, an art form created almost out of necessity by those compelled to find a form of self-expression, individuals who felt they had no voice. I currently teach an exciting course in Public Art and Collaboration, leading students in partnerships with local organizations to create various art projects which forms a unique bond between the students of the university and the members of the community. Additionally, I partner with numerous other departments to provide students with the opportunity for new approaches to critical thinking and the benefits of inter-disciplinary research.

Research Interests

  • Painting, Public/Street Art, Drawing, Design


  •   Fine Arts (MFA)
    Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
  •   Art (BS)
    Towson University

Selected Intellectual Contributions

  • Parkerson G. Seward and Lauren Scarpello. 2016. Keeping the Faith. Art Focus
  • Parkerson G. Seward. 2010. A Touch of Reality. Shop Talk