Lindsey A. Sherrill

Assistant Professor, Business Communication

       Lindsey A. Sherrill


  •   Communication and Information Sciences (PhD)
    The University of Alabama
  •   Business Administration (MBA)
    University of Montevallo
  •   Communication Studies/Theatre (BS)
    University of Montevallo

Selected Intellectual Contributions

  • Matthew Barnidge, Trevor Diehl, Lindsey A. Sherrill, and Jieuha Zhang. 2021. Attention centrality and audience fragmentation: An approach for bridging the gap between selective exposure and audience overlap. Journal of Communication
  • Lindsey A. Sherrill, Danielle Deavours, Nathan Towery, Yuanwai Lyu, William Singleton, Kequing Kuang, and Wilson Lowrey. 2021. Journalism’s backstage players: The development of journalism professional associations and their roles in a troubled field.
  • Matthew Barnidge, Lindsey A. Sherrill, Bumsoo Kim, Eric Cooks, Danielle Deavours, Jiehua Zhang, Ryan Broussard, and Michael Viehouser. 2021. The Effects of Virtual Reality News on Learning about Climate Change. Mass Communication and Society
  • Jennifer Hoewe, Elliot Panek, Cynthia Peacock, Lindsey A. Sherrill, and Shannon Wheeler. 2021. Using moral foundations to assess stereotypes: Americans’ perceptions of immigrants and refugees. Journal of Immigrant & Refugee Studies
  • Lindsey A. Sherrill. 2020. The 'Serial Effect' and the True Crime Podcast Ecosystem. Journalism Practice
  • Wilson Lowrey, Ryan Broussard, and Lindsey A. Sherrill. 2019. Data journalism and black-boxed data sets. Newspaper Research Journal
  • Wilson Lowrey, Lindsey A. Sherrill, and Ryan Broussard. 2019. Field and ecological explanations of data journalism innovation: A focus on the role of ancillary organizations. Journalism Studies
  • Wilson Lowrey and Lindsey A. Sherrill. 2019. Fields and Ecologies: Meso-Level Spatial Approaches and the Study of Journalistic Change. Communication Theory
  • Matthew Barnidge, Bumsoo Kim, Lindsey A. Sherrill, Ziga Luknar, and Jiehua Zhang. 2019. Perceived exposure to and avoidance of hate speech in various communication settings.. Telematics and Informatics
  • Jennifer Hoewe and Lindsey A. Sherrill. 2019. The Influence of Female Lead Characters in Political TV Shows: Links to Political Engagement. Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media