Lauren G. Killen

Associate Professor, Exercise Science

       Lauren G. Killen


I completed my Ph.D. in 2015 at Middle Tennessee State University in Human Performance with a specialization in Exercise Science. My areas of research include use of physical activity monitors with exercise and different exercise modalities to optimize caloric expenditure with overweight/obese individuals. My dissertation compared benefits of exercising using professional instruction via video vs. a personal trainer in overweight and obese females (currently in review). Not only was energy expenditure compared between the DVD and personal trainer exercise session, but also exercise intensity selection, ratings of perceived exertion, and exercise perception (i.e. enjoyment, stress, anxiety, etc). I have also published research comparing DVD exercise vs. live training on exercise intensity and energy expenditure in low-to-moderate fit healthy-weight females. These studies are part of my attempt to identify effective approaches to exercise participation for this population. Optimizing caloric expenditure relative to duration and reducing other barriers are ways to enhance adoption and adherence. While focusing on what type of exercise is more effective (in terms of caloric expenditure) and preferred in different populations, it is first necessary to determine if medical clearance is needed prior to participation.

Research Interests

  • Caffeine and performance, home exercise modalities


  •   Human Performance (PhD)
    Middle Tennessee State University
  •   Health and Human Performance (MS)
    University of North Alabama
  •   Health, Physical Education and Recreation (BS)
    University of North Alabama

Selected Intellectual Contributions

  • Ryan T. Conners, Lauren Bates, Patricia P. Lassalle, Gabriel Zieff, Paul N. Whitehead, Sandra Stevens, Lauren G. Killen, Robert Cochrum, Kathryn L. Rodebaugh, Mark Faghy, and Lee Stoner. 2021. Current and Future Implications of COVID-19 among Youth Wheelchair Users: 24-Hour Activity Behavior. Children
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  • C L. Seltmann, Lauren G. Killen, James M. Green, Eric K. O'Neal, J C. Swain, and C M. Frisbie. 2020. Effects of 3 Weeks Yogic Breathing Practice on Ventilation and Running Economy.. International journal of exercise science
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  • Eric K. O'Neal, Ryan T. Albino, Jon C. Swain, Dylan W. Sharp, Tara V. Boy, and Lauren G. Killen. 2020. Warm-up Striding Under Load Does Not Improve 5-Km Time Trial Performance in Collegiate Cross-Country Runners. Montenegrin Journal of Sports Science and Medicine
  • Eric K. O'Neal, A F. Smith, A J. Heatherly, Lauren G. Killen, Hunter S. Waldman, Angela Green Hollingsworth, and Y Koh. 2019. Effects of a 3-week High-Fat-Low-Carbohydrate Diet on Lipid and Glucose Profiles in Experienced, Middle-age Male Runners.. International journal of exercise science
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