Having traveled extensively in my youth, I pursued a college degree in Cultural Anthropology and Sociology with a concentration in Women's Studies from Lafayette College in the late 1980's. I had lived in Thailand, Botswana and Indonesia growing up and had developed a deep appreciation for the the diversity and similarities that humans express around the world. My father marched with Martin Luther King, my mother fought for women's equality in California the 1970's, and their influences on me have always been profound.

After moving to Alabama in 1990 I obtained my nursing degree and began working in Mental Health Nursing. I have raised five amazing children with my husband, working often more than one job at a time, went back to college at UNA in my 40's and recently graduated with my doctorate from the University of Alabama.

Research Interests

  • Mental Health Nursing


  •   Instructional Leadership - Nurse Educator (EdD)
    The University of Alabama
  •   Nursing - Nurse Educator (MSN)
    University of North Alabama
  •   Nursing - Nurse Educator (BSN)
    University of North Alabama