Janet T. Jenkins

Professor, Computer Science

Director of Accreditation, CSIS

       Janet T. Jenkins


Dr. Janet Truitt Jenkins has over 20 years of teaching computer science at the university level. Her love of teaching and helping students to tackle challenging problems is the driving force in her profession. She has advised as many as 60 computer science majors and works actively in research with colleagues across the campus. Dr. Jenkins serves on committee at multiple levels and serves as the Computer Science Program Coordinator. She also works as the ABET accreditation coordinator for Computer Science. In additional to teaching and mentoring students, research, and service to the university, she has provided over 8 years of professional development training to K-12 teachers in using computer programming to explore mathematical concepts. This work of over $1.3 million was funded by the USDE-MSP. More recently, Dr. Jenkins and colleagues have been awarded an National Science Foundation grant, the total grant award including the research methodologist is over $1.3 million with $671,966 awarded to UNA. Dr. Jenkins is also the wife of Michael Jenkins and has four children, Graham, Hudson, Chapel, and Jude.

Research Interests

  • Computer Science Education, Software Engineering - Requirements, K-12 Mathematics Education, Computational Thinking


  •   Computer Science (PhD)
    The University of Alabama
  •   Computer Science (MS)
    The University of Alabama
  •   Mathematics/Computer Science 7-12 (BSEd)
    University of North Alabama

Selected Intellectual Contributions

  • Cynthia L. Stenger, James A. Jerkins, Janet T. Jenkins, and Mark G. Terwilliger. 2021. Anticipating Change: Pre-Service Elementary Teachers Response to the Challenge of Incorporating Computer Science Activities into their Future Classrooms.
  • Ronald M. Blake, Cynthia L. Stenger, Jessica E. Stovall, Janet T. Jenkins, and Sherry Truitt. 2020. Attack of the Ice Aliens: A Transdisciplinary Physics Lesson. Journal of the Alabama Academy of Sciences
  • Jayson L. Jackson, Janet T. Jenkins, James A. Jerkins, Cynthia L. Stenger, and Mark G. Terwilliger. 2020. Exploring the Genetic Decomposition of Interior and Exterior Angles of Polygons with the Use of Computer Programming and GeoGebra.
  • Xihui Zhang, John D. Crabtree, Mark G. Terwilliger, and Janet T. Jenkins. 2020. Teaching introductory programming from A to Z: Twenty-six tips from the trenches. Journal of Information Systems Education
  • Janet Truitt Jenkins and Mark G. Terwilliger. 2019. Examining Strategies to Improve Student Success in CS1. Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges
  • Xihui Zhang, John D. Crabtree, Mark G. Terwilliger, and Janet T. Jenkins. 2019. Tips for Teaching Introductory Programming.