Burton was raised in rural Indiana before going to Purdue University in Physics. Very late in his undergraduate career he was pulled by Tolkien and the Inklings into Medieval Studies (BA, MA). For many years he worked in rare books and manuscripts at the Lilly Library (Indiana University, MLS). At IU, his interests in both the Middle Ages and Science combined in the History and Philosophy of Science (MA, PhD), where he taught the History of Science, Medieval History and History of the Occult. Before coming to UNA, Burton taught "Tech and Civ" at Auburn for two years. In 1995, he won the National Distinguished University Credit Course Award of the NUCEA for distance learning. His curious courses include "Guts to Gunpowder" and "Harry Potter and Philosophy." He and his wife, Donna, enjoy international travel, old movies, and games of all types. Burton is currently being trained by two corgis.

Research Interests

  • History of Science
  • Medieval History
  • Philosophy of Science
  • History of the Occult


  •   History and Philosophy of Science (PhD)
    Indiana University
  •   History and Philosophy of Science (MA)
    Indiana University
  •   History (MA)
    Purdue University
  •   Library Science (MLS)
    Indiana University
  •   General History/Medieval Studies (BA)
    Purdue University

Selected Intellectual Contributions

  • Danny E. Burton. 2007. Nicole Oresme's On Seeing the Stars (De visione stellarum): A Critical Edition with Translation, Introduction and Commentary..
  • Danny E. Burton, David Grandy, and Yasemin Tokatli. 2005. Büyü, Gizem ve Bilim: Batı Uygarlığında Okült.
  • Danny E. Burton and David Grandy. 2004. Magic, Mystery, and Science: the Occult in Western Civilization..
  • Danny E. Burton. 1995. History of the Occult in Western Civilization.