Christopher L Klein

Professor, Psychology

       Christopher L Klein


I am interested in the automatic processes of learning and attention, as well as the neurological bases of those processes. Additionally, I am specifically interested in how these processes may function differently in persons with Autism, and how those differences may be related to symptoms of the disorder. I also research topics in the social-cognitive domain, specifically related to how people automatically process social information, and how that affects our decision-making and behavior. Lastly, I am interested in the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (SoTL), specifically how the things we do in the classroom in the Psychology domain affect how students use the information, such as myth endorsement or viewing Psychology as a science.

Areas of Specialization: Cognitive Neuroscience, Autism, SoTL

Notable Courses Taught:

PY 201: General Psychology

PY 201H: Honors General Psychology

PY 222: Introduction to the Psychology Major

PY 361: Physiological Psychology

PY 375: Psychological Statistics

PY 385: Cognitive Psychology

PY 435: Industrial/Organizational Psychology

PY 490: Developmental Disabilities

PY 490: Psychology of Sport

PY 498: Cognitive Neuroscience


  •   Psychology (PhD)
    The University of Alabama
  •   Psychology (MA)
    The University of Alabama
  •   Psychology (BA)
    The University of Alabama

Selected Intellectual Contributions