Faculty and Staff


Faculty and staff

Dr. Patricia Sanders

Department Chair, Professor

Office: 105 Communications Building

Email: pfsanders@una.edu

Phone: 256.765.4780


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Dr. Butler Cain


Office: 201A Communications Building

Email: bcain1@una.edu

Phone: 256.765.5058

Dr. Beth Garfrerick


Office: 120B Communications Building

Email: bagarfrerick@una.edu

Phone: 256.765.4941

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Ms. Betsy Heckert


Office: 120C Communications Building

Email: eheckert@una.edu

Phone: 256.765.4704

Mr. Jay Hillis

Visiting Lecturer

Office: 205 Communications Building

Email: jhillis1@una.edu

Phone: 256.765.4358

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Mr. Eric Knox

Visiting Lecturer

Office: 123A Communications Building

Email: eknox@una.edu

Phone: 256.765.5023

Dr. Colleen McEdwards

Visiting Lecturer

Office: 201B Communications Building

Email: cmcedwards@una.edu

Phone: 256.765.4556

Dr. Stephanie Montgomery

Assistant Professsor

Office: 121 Communications Building

Email: slmontgomery@una.edu

Phone: 256.765.5094

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Ms. Tosha-Paige Whitten


Office: 123B Communications Building

Email: tpbrewer@una.edu

Phone: 256.765.4929

Dr. Tim Worley

Assistant Professor

Office: 108 Communications Building

Email: tworley1@una.edu

Phone: 256.765.5962

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Adjunct faculty

Curtis, Jenifer

Classes taught: COM 201

Email: jtowne@una.edu

Dangerfield, Laura

Classes taught: COM 201

Email: ldangerfield@una.edu

Drumheller, Matthew

Classes taught: COM 201

Email: mdrumheller@una.edu

Elms, Leah Beth

Classes taught: COM 201

Email: lelms@una.edu

Fowler, Maddisun

Classes taught: COM 201

Email: mfowler9@una.edu

Llewellyn, Jacqueline

Classes taught: COM 201

Email: jllewellyn@una.edu

Sanders, Amelia

Classes taught: COM 201

Email: ayoung3@una.edu

Wood, Cathy

Classes taught: COM 215

Email: cwood1@una.edu