Chemistry Educational Objectives

The Department has specified a small set of measurable learning outcomes for chemistry students, both knowledge-based and skills-based, which can be used to assess the Chemistry Program's degree of achievement. These learning outcomes are assessed indirectly with our alumni survey and directly by measuring student performance in specific exam questions or laboratory tasks. The learning outcomes used for this assessment, and the courses where they are measured are:

Knowledge-based Outcomes
Demonstrate knowledge of bonding theory CH 111, CH 312
Apply concepts of chemical kinetics CH 341, CH 382
Quantitatively employ chemical thermodynamics CH 341, CH 382
Demonstrate the use of stoichiometry CH 111, CH 321
Apply gas laws CH 341, CH 382
Demonstrate an understanding of the three-dimensional nature of molecular structure CH 312
Demonstrate knowledge of solution chemistry CH 321
Demonstrate ability to understand and interpret spectroscopic data CH 312, CH 322, CH 432
Skills-based Outcomes
Gather, process and interpret data CH 322L, CH 432L
Communicate results and information CH 321L, CH 322L, CH 432L
Design and perform an experiment CH 341L, CH 381L
Demonstrate the ability to synthesize and characterize chemical compounds CH 312L
Develop critical thinking skills CH 341, CH 381