Social Media Branding Guidelines

Your account title should include the words "University of North Alabama," when technically feasible. If the platform has title character limits, using "UNA" in place is acceptable.

  • Examples
    • UNA Admissions
    • University of North Alabama Alumni Association
    • University of North Alabama Department of Music
    • UNA College of Arts & Sciences
  • The University of North Alabama athletic logo, trademark, mascot and name are reserved for use by the University's Athletic Department and its entities. Do not use without expressed permission from UNA Office of Enrollment Marketing and Digital Communications.
  • Maintain consistency with account naming conventions across accounts. 
  • Profile Photos on social networks are often resized. it is better to upload a larger image so people can see a more discernible image when clicked.
  • All accounts should friend/fan/follow the official University of North Alabama account on that platform. For instance, on Facebook, your account should 'like' the main University of North Alabama Facebook account.
  • If you have questions about account naming requirements, please contact University Communications and Marketing for guidance.