• Candidates should submit a formal application by the posted deadline.
    • The deadline is four weeks after the first day of classes the semester prior to internship.
    • Applications filed eight weeks after the first day of classes will not be considered for internship placement in the following semester.
  • Applications filed after the posted deadline must be accompanied by a non-refundable late fee of $50.
    • Submission of a late application may delay admission to the internship and does not guarantee the candidate an internship placement.
  • Applications submitted during the summer term will not be considered for fall semester placement.
  • Candidates denied admission to internship must reapply by the posted deadline in a subsequent semester.
    • Candidates who do not reapply by the posted deadline will be assessed a $50 late fee.
  • Student teachers are not permitted to arrange or influence their internship placement by contacting administrators, principals, or teachers. Placements are arranged solely through the Office of Clinical Experiences.
  • Placement sites are selected based on availability of qualified teachers, availability of grade levels, and the willingness of the school administrators and faculty to host student teachers.
  • All teacher education placements are within Lauderdale, Colbert, and Franklin Counties.
  • Secondary education student teachers will not be placed at the high school they graduated.
  • Student teachers are not placed in schools where they have relatives employed or children attending.

Out-of-Area Placements

Internship placements for the University of North Alabama are within a 40-mile radius of the main university campus. The four conditions listed below will be considered for out of area placements:

  • Spousal/domestic partner relocation situations
    • Not including engagements or wedding planning
  • Medical/health related situations
  • Change to a family situation such as birth, adoption, fostering and/or elder care
  • On-the-job situations (employed Alt-A certifications)

All special requests should be submitted to the Director of Clinical Experiences at least one semester before the internship period. Each request will be reviewed by the Student Advisory Committee and the student will be notified of the decision. No out-of-area placements are guaranteed. Approved out-of-area placements can have additional fees.

Internship Syllabus
Intern Handbook - Fall 2018
Cooperating Teacher Handbook