Bank Independent Stadium

Bank Independent Stadium is the culmination of a vision – a vision that began almost 50 years ago when the University of North Alabama leadership believed in the institution, its students, its faculty, its staff, and, perhaps, most importantly, its community. Today, the stage is set for that vision to come to life with the transformative nature of the on-campus Bank Independent Stadium. By its very nature, a stadium brings people together to champion a common cause, and there is no question that, whether a football or baseball game, a soccer match, or a concert, Bank Independent Stadium will do just that – now and for generations to come. We welcome this historic and transformational next step as North Alabama steps into its place in history.

Project Timeline

project timeline
Project Updates
Birmingham-based program management firm HPM has been selected to serve as the program manager. Davis Architects has been selected as the architect of record.
New graphic showing proposed placement of Bank Independent Stadium!
graphic showing placement of new stadium

To learn more about the details of our collaboration with these two firms, watch below and read our press release!

Frequently Asked Questions

Bank Independent Stadium will be a multipurpose stadium located on campus at the University of North Alabama. We have developed stadium concepts that re-imagine the campus space that currently houses the UNA turf field (home to UNA football practices and soccer practices/games), Mike D. Lane Field (home of Lion baseball), and the grass practice field (practice home for the Marching Pride). The stadium site is surrounded by Pine Street to the East, Flowers Hall to the South, Stewart Avenue to the West, and Cumberland Street to the North.

rendering of potential stadium

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