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Academic Appeals

Any student who has been suspended for one calendar year or any student who has been suspended for three calendar years and has completed one year of the suspension period may file a written appeal and appear before the Readmissions Committee. The written appeal must be submitted to University Advising Services no later than 5 days before the opening date of residence halls as listed in the University Calendar. This deadline applies for the semester that readmission is sought. The Readmissions Committee usually meets the Monday before classes begin in Summer, Fall and Spring semesters.

Once the appeal is filed, the student will appear before the Readmissions Committee for the appeal hearing. Students will be notified via email of the hearing time and place.

Who should appeal?

  1. A student who can present and/or provide substantial evidence of unusual mitigating or extenuating circumstances that led to academic difficulties.
  2. A student who can present and/or provide substantial evidence of changed circumstances that would support the likelihood of the student’s future academic success.
  3. If enrollment in classes is dependent upon the student receiving student financial aid, the student should—during the appeal process—be in contact with the Office of Student Financial Services to determine his/her eligibility for financial aid.

What is considered an unusual mitigating or extenuating circumstance?

Who should not appeal?

This appeal process is intended to be used in situations where circumstances were beyond the student’s control.

What happens if I decide to appeal?


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