Email Digest Procedures

  • Use of this system is the ONLY way to send email announcements to the campus community as a whole. The existing means of sending “UNA Info” emails will no longer be used and everything will funnel through this new digest system.
  • An authorized user with a email address can make requests. The request must pertain to UNA and cannot be used to promote non-UNA businesses or organizations. Only requests from faculty/staff/RSO making UNA-related announcements will be approved.
    • All RSO requests must be approved by the RSO's advisor. This could delay the posting of the announcement. Please allow sufficient time.
    • The office of University Communications & Marketing, at the time the request is made, will determine any exceptions to this policy. If needed, the event request will be run by the VP for Advancement. This could delay the posting of the announcement.
  • An announcement will only be sent out a total of 2 times. These 2 times are calculated automatically as follows: an announcement will be sent out first for the initial announcement based on the start date or approval date (whichever comes first), and a second time as a reminder in the digest just before the end date. The dates of the email digests your announcement will be sent out in will be included in your approval email. This is to discourage clutter of the same announcement over a long period of time. All announcements will live on the announcement hub webpage so that it is always available until the event/end date passes.
    • When submitting the digest announcement form, the start and end date fields are for the event start and end date, not the date(s) when you wish your announcement to be published.
    • Once approved, each announcement will be included in the next digest to be sent out. If subsequent digests are issued before the end date of the event, the announcement will be included a second time in the last digest before the end date.
  • Please ensure that the person(s) designated to submit announcements for each Department or Office chooses the correct audience for their announcement (‘Faculty’, ‘Staff’, ‘Students’) and only chooses ‘Everyone’ when truly necessary.
  • There is a limit for any one office/department/organization of 3 announcements per digest. If there are three or more requests from one department, they will be grouped together as a single announcement.
  • Announcements must be submitted through the online form by a submission deadline of 10:00am on the mornings that the digest is set to be sent out (Mondays and Thursdays). Any submissions entered after that daily deadline will be sent out in the following digest.
  • Event-related announcements will also be populated into the university’s online event calendar. Bereavement notices will have a special area within the digest as to retain respect for the sensitive nature of the announcement.
  • The ability for individuals across campus to send out campus-wide emails will be scaled back and limited to a much smaller selection of individuals.