Marketing is charged with promoting the University of North Alabama to increase awareness, support and loyalty among those who are vital to UNA’s success.  We want to get the word out, UNA is amazing!  However, we also need to maintain a consistent institutional message and graphic identity as part of the University’s strategic branding campaign.

Working with OC&M will ensure that a strong, positive image is communicated proactively to all internal and external audiences.  This will also help promote an accurate and positive image that is consistent with UNA’s mission and brand.

All marketing jobs require a consultation with the Director of University Communications before any steps can be taken!   

Tips to remember for Marketing:

What is your deadline?

When do you want to start and how long should it run?  You may need to reconsider the scope of the project to fit the schedule or the length of the schedule to fit the project. 

Who are you most trying to persuade?

Who is your primary/target audience?  A marketing campaign cannot be all things to all people.   While messages can be developed to reach a variety of constituents, the most successful communications are targeted to a specific demographic.

What do you want them to take away or do?

We have a limited amount of time and money to successfully pull off a marketing campaign.  With that being said, what do you need them to do?  Enroll, visit, fill out an application?  Perhaps, you just want them to gain a general understanding.  Regardless, choosing a limited number of messages to communicate is your best bet.

What format is right for your project?

We use traditional and digital marketing as part of our marketing campaigns.  Each has aspects that make them appealing to different demographics.   Because of this, it makes sense to explore multiple communication tools and methods to find the best way to deliver your message.

How does this project fit into UNA’s overall marketing strategy?

The most successful communications are part of an overall plan or campaign. Take a long-term view. Working within the brand and stating your message consistently in various ways will increase the performance of the campaign. 

How much money do you have to invest?

When it comes to marketing, it’s all about the budget.  Consider your audience and the amount of saturation you want for your message.  Traditional marketing is usually a little more costly, but has its own upsides.  While digital may be cheaper, it may not be the best way to hit the audience you’re looking for. 

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