Why Research?

Research is an important aspect of higher education. It offers a great point for students to gain skills and knowledge to tackle real-world problems. Through undergraduate research, students can gain the ability to:
  • Clarify career path
  • Develop a continuing relationship with a faculty member
  • Enhance professional or academic credentials
  • Learn a topic in depth
  • Learn laboratory techniques
  • Learn to work independently
  • Practice tolerance for obstacles
  • Understand how professionals work on real problems
  • Understand how scientists think
  • Understand the research process in their field

In addition to those skills, undergraduate research can also reinforce current skills as well as develop new ones that can apply to both the classroom and at work. Just a small list of those abilities includes:

  • Develop critical thinking, creativity, problem solving and intellectual independence
  • Foster independence
  • Increase retention
  • Improve written communication skills
  • Learn to analyze data
  • Learn to design solutions to problems
  • Learn to use scientific literature
  • Make connections to what was learned in courses
  • Promote an innovation-oriented culture
  • Understand how professionals work on real problems