Research Grants


Office of the Quality Enhancement Plan

A limited number of grants up to $2,000 each are available to support undergraduate research through the UNA QEP office. The grants will be awarded in the fall semester 2017 to research teams consisting of (but not limited to) at least one UNA undergraduate student and one UNA faculty mentor.  Students involved must be principal investigators and make significant contributions in the research.

The purpose of the grants is to support undergraduate research and provide assistance with research expenses, including costs associated with conducting the research, as well as travel costs associated with presenting at professional meetings and conferences.

The ideas and proposals may be new ideas or on-going research, and may be a part of a capstone project, senior research project, or independent study, but this is not a requirement.

Requirements for consideration:

  1. Researchers must be an undergraduate student/faculty team consisting of at least one undergraduate and one faculty mentor;
  2. Team must present at UNA Research Day in the Spring;
  3. Team must present research at a state, regional, or national conference in their field of study;
  4. Team is encouraged to use designated collaborative space in Collier Library;
  5. Team must submit a short written report of results to the QEP office within one month of completing research project, or no later than November 5, 2018.
  6. Researchers who received a grant in fall 2016 semester must have completed and submitted all paper work from that grant (reimbursement requests, final report) before applying for a 2017 grant.

Proposals must include:

  1. A concise description of the proposed research including:

a)     The research objective, research question(s), thesis statement, research problem, or hypothesis;

b)     Basic description of research plan or process (literature, methods, analysis process, whatever is fitting to the researcher’s discipline);

c)      What the researcher(s) hope to learn from this research;

  1. A proposed budget including specific details regarding requests;
  2. Detailed delineation of the student member’s responsibilities and the faculty mentor’s responsibilities, if any.
  3. A proposed timeline for research and for final report.

Submission guidelines:

  1. Word document, 4 pages or less preferred
  2. 12 pt. Times Roman, double spaced, one inch margin preferred
  3. E-mail to, by Monday, October 2, 2017.

A committee of university faculty and staff from multiple disciplines will evaluate the proposals and make recommendations to the QEP office. Grant recipients will be notified of awards on or before Monday, November 6, 2017.

Important notes:

  • The student who leads the team must write the proposal with faculty mentor and team member edits allowed.
  • The student leader must be the point of contact for submission of both the grant proposal and the final report.
  • The faculty mentor may support the research, but his or her involvement should be limited (although the faculty member may be involved with budget issues, including correspondence with QEP regarding budget).
  • The proposal must contain clear delineation of student/faculty responsibilities (with emphasis on student responsibilities).
  • The proposal must contain a detailed budget with discrete projected amounts.

Dr. Karen Kelsky of “The Professor is In” has written a template for research proposals which students may find helpful: