The Basics of UNA Education Abroad


Travel the world, learn, and gain experiences that only The University of North Alabama can provide through Education Abroad. UNA offers students, faculty, staff, and community members numerous opportunities to engage in hands-on learning around the world. Participants have the opportunity to participate in short-term summer, semester, or full academic year programs. Students will earn credits toward their degree program while keeping their same graduation date! Thanks to multiple sources of financial aid and scholarships, participating in Education Abroad through UNA has never been more affordable. There are five types of Education Abroad opportunities offered through UNA.


  1. Faculty-led Programs: Through Faculty-Led Education Abroad (FLEA), UNA faculty and staff members are able to expand their classrooms beyond campus borders for their students. In these semester round short-term programs, students are given the opportunity to travel and learn alongside fellow UNA students expanding on what they’ve learned in the classroom to a global level.
  2. International Student Exchange Program: 
  3. International Buisness Program: Magellan Exchange Programs UNA offers students several short-term summer, semester, or year-long abroad opportunities. Through the Magellan Program UNA students are able to expand their education beyond Florence Alabama to any place in the world. Students will be fully immersed in their host country culture, by living abroad for an extended period of time.
  4. Bilateral Exchange: UNA has countless opportunities through partner university relationships as well lasting one or two semesters! Traveling to one of UNA's partner universities is a prestigious opportunity for those who have demonstrated outstanding academic success at UNA and are interested in expanding their education beyond the University of North Alabama.
  5. Year - Long China Abroad: Spend a year abroad studying at Tianjin Foreign Studies University (Tianjin, China) on a full scholarship!
  6. Alternative Breaks: UNA offers trips during university breaks (i.e. Spring Break, Fall Break, etc.) in which groups of UNA students travel to other communities to provide a service that is focused on a specific social issue. These trips are both domestic and international depending on the issues and locations that are selected.