Education Abroad

The Office of International Affairs promotes and supports participants and leaders in educational programs abroad for students, faculty, and staff. Offering quality programs that follow industry standards and enhance student knowledge of their academic field through comparative, cultural, and experiential learning. 

UNA faculty and staff members who teach and direct education abroad programs are a priceless asset to our institution. The University of North Alabama’s increasing student participation and growing quality of academic education abroad programs provides UNA students, faculty, and staff with experiential education and career building experience.  

Teaching and directing abroad is incredibly rewarding but can also be a demanding endeavor. The Office of International Affairs and the College Faculty Education Abroad Liaisons are here to guide you as you plan and create your own University of North Alabama Education Abroad Program. There are many options to consider and we can help sort you through those options so you can choose what is best for you and your students. Here you will find the following: 

  • Options for teaching abroad: Find out whether creating your own program or joining an existing program is best for you. 
  • Step-by-Step: The details you need so you can plan for all phases of program development, recruitment, and orientation. 
  • Policies:  You'll find education abroad regulations, leadership expectation, tips, and more as you begin to envision, plan for, and execute your education abroad course. 

All Faculty and Staff members are encouraged to contact their College Faculty Education Abroad Liaisons to discuss their program in any stage of planning, whether you're in the brainstorm and idea development phase, developing recruitment materials, or anywhere in between.