RSO Good Standing

Good standing for currently Recognized Student Organizations is defined as the certification that grants the student organization official status as part of UNA’s educational and/or extracurricular program.  RSOs must be in good standing with the university to be eligible to use RSO resources including: the RSO Resource Center, booking spaces on-campus, setting up promotional tables, team participation in University Events, and applying for Student Allocation Funding*.  To remain in good standing:

  • The organization must maintain at least three active members who are currently enrolled in classes at UNA (except during summer semesters). 
  • The organization must have no outstanding balance beyond 30 days with the university.
  • The organization must have at least one representative attend all mandatory RSO meetings/trainings hosted by Student Engagement. 
  • The organization must have an active advisor at all times. 
  • The organization must have fully completed the annual registration.
  • The Director of Student Engagement may revoke good standing status if an organization is violating university policies, the student handbook, the RSO Handbook, or engages in activities contrary to the Mission of the University or the Student Engagement Center.   

*Please note that there are additional requirements that must be met in order for an organization to qualify for Student Allocation Funding.  Please refer to the current Student Allocation Manual for these requirements.

Annual Registration Policy

All recognized student organizations must register with the Student Engagement Center each year and follow the timeline listed below in order to remain in good standing on campus and utilize the available resources. 

  1. Update the organization’s Student Engagement Center Online/OrgSync Portal between the first day of class in the fall semester and October 1st.  Any changes in RSO officers or advisors must be made during this time.  This also includes maintaining an up-to-date constitution and roster, both of which must be uploaded into the RSO’s Student Engagement Center/Online Portal. 
  2. Schedule an appointment and meet with a Student Leadership Consultant (SLC) between the first day of class in the fall semester and October 1st
  3. All organizations affiliated with an international organization or external governing board must have their organization/board submit a letter of recognition when they register.  These letters should be on the international organization’s official letterhead and should identify a point of contact for the international organization or governing board. 

Once organizations have met these requirements, they will remain in good-standing for the entire year and will not have to update again until the following fall semester. Organizations that do not meet these requirements by October 1 will lose their good standing status and all resource privileges for the remainder of the fall semester.  These organizations may redeem their good standing status for the spring semester if they update their RSO portal and schedule a meeting with a Student Leadership Consultant between January 1 and February 15Any organizations that do not meet these requirements by February 15 will be deactivated and assumed to no longer function as a student organization.  

Fraternities and Sororities

UNA defines a social fraternity/sorority as an organization that exists to promote fraternal relationships and personal development. Requirement for membership is subjective and is not limited to a specific field of study, class year, etc., and members are not permitted to hold membership in other identified social fraternities/sororities at the university.

The University of North Alabama requires that all social fraternities/sororities, as defined above, be recognized as such by the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life and uphold the requirements of fraternity/sorority organizations in order to maintain good standing.  These organizations may be exempt from certain good standing requirements when approved by the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life.  

Unrecognized Student Organizations

Groups that fail to register with the Student Engagement Center or that have lost recognition from the university do not receive advice, support, or oversight from the university.  Any unrecognized group claiming affiliation is operating in violation of university policy.  Involvement with any unrecognized organization can pose a significant risk and students are strongly advised to avoid engagement with these groups as the university is unable to monitor activities.  Individuals who affiliate with unrecognized organizations may be susceptible to participation in activities that violate university policy and should understand that they will be held individually accountable for their actions.