Who can participate in Alternative Breaks?
Any University of North Alabama student, faculty, or staff member who is interested in participating in a life-changing experience through in service is encouraged to apply for Alternative Breaks.

Who makes up a trip team?

  • One or two trained student Site Leaders
  • At least one UNA faculty or staff volunteer
  • About 10-15 participants/students on each trip

Every team is equipped with an emergency binder containing: local city maps, University of North Alabama contact information, participant emergency contact information, and location of nearest hospital. Be prepared to have fun and make new friends — each group will be made up of diverse and enthusiastic individuals from all majors and student organizations. Participants will work closely to meet the needs of others and will build lasting relationships with their peers to continue once back on campus.

How much does the trip cost?
See Get Involved for specific trip destinations, social issues, and cost.

What transportation do you use?
Depending on the trip, students will either fly to their site (typically only week-long trips) or travel in university vans. Once teams are at their sites, public transportation or prearranged transportation will be used to commute to and from lodging and service sites. In some cases, the sites are within walking distance.

What will I do on an Alternative Break?
The primary purpose of trips are to volunteer and serve a community based on specific needs. Participants are engaged in direct service, typically for a week. Each trip has a focus on a particular social issue, and immersion in that issue begins long before the trip itself. Students educate themselves and each other, then do hands-on work with relevant organizations. 

Where do the trips go?
The objective of trips are to meet needs surrounding a specific social issue. Check out Get Involved for a list of upcoming projects and topics Alternative Breaks may address. You can also check out Past Trips to see where the program has served before. 

What will the experience be like - what do we do each day?

Week-long Trips:
Saturday - Participants travel via plane or rented/university vehicles.
Sunday - Participants attend a orientation/training program on the service site, receive information about their service tasks, and learn any task-related skills and safety precautions needed before actually beginning projects.
Monday – Thursday - Participants engage in direct service, usually lasting about eight hours a day.
Friday - Participants enjoy entertainment and site-seeing.
Saturday - Participants arrive back at the University of North Alabama.

Weekend Trips:
Thursday - Participants leave the University after all participants are finished with classes and travel to site. Depending on location work may be done that night.
Friday & Saturday - Participants engage in direct service throughout the day.
Sunday - Participants arrive back at the University of North Alabama 

What is so unique about Alternative Breaks?
Participants have the opportunity to:

  • Meet new people from UNA
  • Learn about cultural and social issues while doing service
  • Make new connections across the country
  • Build relationships
  • Grow, learn, and change their point of view
  • Create social change
  • Travel without spending a lot of money