Community Agencies

Our goal is to help connect UNA students with community organizations in the easiest way possible. We'll keep you up-to-date on UNA events, opportunities to meet students face-to-face, and how to let our students know about your needs and events that you have available. 

Requesting Volunteers

We are excited to launch a new software that will allow all agencies to update needs and events at any time! This program will also provide students with the opportunity to respond directly to the need if they are able to volunteer. All organizations and agencies that plan to request volunteers from UNA will need to create an agency profile at You may also find a full video tutorial of how to create a profile here:

  • Once you have clicked on the above link, click on "Learn what Get Connected can do for you" under the Find box.

  • Fill out the information as best as possible 

  • Once you have submitted your agency request form, it will be sent to the Administrators for approval

  • Once your agency has been approved, it is encouraged that you register for the Agency Manager Training to learn how to best utilize your account

    • After logging in, click on "My Agency" at the top of the page

    • Click on the red "Agency Manager Toolbox" display

    • Click on "Register for Agency Manager Training"

If you need to update the contact information for your organization or agency, please e-mail Bethany Green at with the correct name, e-mail address, and phone number.