UNA Alcohol Awareness and Education

The University of North Alabama recognizes that the use of alcohol and other drugs can significantly interfere with student success and may pose a serious threat to the health and well-being of the members of its community.

In an effort to address this issue and to maintain a safe and educational learning environment, all first-year students complete AlcoholEdu for College, an online alcohol education course.  The course was designed for population-level, primary prevention. Its personalized approach provides an experience that impacts both individual behavior and campus culture.  Research shows that the course:

  • Motivates behavior change
  • Resets unrealistic expectations about the effects of alcohol
  • Links choices about drinking to academic and personal success
  • Helps students practice safer decision-making
  • Engages students to create a healthier campus community

 The course includes three surveys that measure alcohol-related attitudes and behaviors.  The results from the data collected in the course surveys are used in planning programs and services to better educate students about the effects of alcohol and how to make well-informed decisions about alcohol use.  Course data also informs the annual Social Norms Campaign, “I Choose the Norm.”