The Staff Handbook is designed for use by University of North Alabama staff employees, specifically. University policies that apply to both faculty and staff are contained in the University Policy Handbook.

This handbook is intended to provide policies and information relevant to employment with the University as a staff member. As such, it is does not constitute or reflect a contract of employment. The information contained herein supersedes all previous staff and/or service handbooks and is subject to change and/or interpretation at the discretion of the University, in accordance with procedures established by the Board of Trustees. University policies and procedures, which may be updated and approved subsequent to the publication of this document, will be reflected on this website as soon as is administratively possible and will take precedence over the contents of this handbook.

The University values your input and suggestions with regard to your work environment. Please feel free to communicate them to your supervisor, the Office of Human Resources, or to the appropriate shared governance committee or representative.


The University of North Alabama engages in a shared governance system. According to the University’s Shared Governance Document, “Shared governance is a means of University management in which each chief group in the University community participates in decision-making. Shared governance includes mutual participation in the development of policy and decisions in the areas of strategic and budget planning, faculty and staff welfare, creation and elimination of academic programs, selection and retention of academic and administrative officer, campus planning and development, and organizational accountability.


The mission of the University of North Alabama Staff Senate is to act as a forum and advocate for university staff employees by providing leadership and guidance on issues which affect compensation, benefits, quality of work life, fulfillment of overall university goals and objectives, and providing an education environment which promotes the grown and improvement of higher education at the University of North Alabama. For more information about Staff Senate, including indication of your interest in serving, please refer to the Staff Senate website.